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Four Smaller Membership Churches Cooperate for One Day Community Impact Event
With a welcome sign at each end, the City of Columbia has formally dedicated Decker Boulevard, a two-mile stretch of[...]
Temple Zion Baptist Pastor Andre Melvin Oversees Columbia International Prison Program
Andre Melvin, pastor of Temple Zion Baptist Church in the Columbia Metro Baptist Association, also serves as executive director of[...]
Crooked Run Baptist Church is a Smaller Membership Church with a Kingdom Sized Vision
Crooked Run Baptist Church, in Fairfield County, is involved with a nearby elementary school, is starting a Sunday evening service[...]

FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community

FaithSoaring Churches Characteristics
What are the key characteristics of FaithSoaring Churches? Probably there is no perfect set of characteristics. Yet certain key characteristics emerge from[...]
Not Necessarily FaithSoaring Churches Characteristics
Another set of characteristics exists which I call, ”Not NecessarilyFaithSoaring Church Characteristics”. (See article on FaithSoaring Churches Characteristics that preceded this article.) They[...]
More Examples of FaithSoaring Churches
Lake Avenue This “Urban Gospel” congregation composed primarily of African-Americans is pursuing a journey that may well lead to Lake[...]

George Bullard's Journey

The Dinner Church Handbook (A Book Review)
I just finished reading The Dinner Church Handbook: A Step-by-Step Recipe for Reaching Neighborhoods. As an organic, missional approach to[...]
Jesus and Our Brain Compete for Racial Reconciliation
Sunday, October 15, 2017 Today I attended a presentation and dialogue on changing the way the Church views racism. With[...]

Congregational Champions

27 Books That Have Impacted My Ministry as a Congregational Champion
I have read thousands of books during my life. Probably 90 percent of them have been non-fiction books. The picture[...]
Congregational Champions Retreats
Learn In Three Days A Process to Transform Your Congregation It does not matter what “RE” word works for you—revitalize,[...]
Learn in Three Days a Process to Transform Your Congregation
It does not matter what “RE” word works for you—revitalize, renew, re-envision, reinvent, redevelop, restart, replant, resurrect—there is a three-day[...]