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Seeing in the Dark – Columbia Metro Connection Episode #007
Welcome to the Columbia Metro Connection, a podcast where you can go to get valuable, relevant, and quality resources for[...]
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The Columbia Metro Connection Podcast launched earlier this year. This is a regular podcast targeting ministers and laypersons of the[...]

Our Family Stories

Temple Zion Baptist Pastor Andre Melvin Oversees Columbia International Prison Program
Listen to the podcast with Rev Andre Melvin, Temple Zion Baptist Church -- http://www.columbiametro.org/podcast-005/ Andre Melvin, pastor of Temple Zion Baptist[...]
Revitalized Rosewood Church is ‘Evidence of God’s Plan for His Kingdom in Southeast Columbia’
On September 10, 2017 Rosewood Baptist Church in Columbia SC undertook a relaunch and rebranding of the 80-year-old institution. The[...]
St. Andrews Pastor Publishes Devotions for Those Struggling with Depression as He Did
In 2008, things began to change for pastor Ronald “Dee” Vaughan. Ministry had become burdensome, and that was a change[...]
For Andre Rogers, Three Ministry Endeavors Work Together for Kingdom Effectiveness.
Andre Rogers serves as Columbia Metro Baptist Association’s Congregational Multiplication Ministry Mobilizer. He assists with church planting and sometimes with[...]

FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community

Insight 113: FaithSoaring Churches Remember and Do Not Repeat History
There is no problem if congregations look back to understand, respect, and learn from the past. This works when they[...]
Insight 112: FaithSoaring Churches Climb Out of Ruts
Congregations desiring to transform are continually evaluating the effectiveness of everything they do. They create an atmosphere that continual evaluation[...]
Insight 111: FaithSoaring Churches Focus on the Spiritual Transformation of People
It is difficult for congregations to experience spiritual transformation in response to God’s visionary leadership if they do not foundationally[...]
Insight 110: FaithSoaring Churches Effectively Nurture Chreasters
Easter [and Christmas and weddings and funerals] are occasions when Chreasters are present in worship. These CEOs [Christmas, Easter and[...]
Insight 109: FaithSoaring Churches Effectively Deal with the Past
A heavy weight many congregations drag behind them is their past. It is sufficiently heavy and the chains that tie[...]

George Bullard's Journey

Fundraising is About Providing the Ministry of Community
“When fundraising as ministry calls us together in communion with God and with one another, it must hold out the[...]
The Ten “R”s for Plotting a New Congregational Course
One strategy in our association--Columbia Metro Baptist Association--is about helping congregations who have been in significant decline over many years[...]
Prayers For Pastors and Congregations–The Fourth Sunday of April 2018
A Prayer for Pastors: O Lord, as I proclaim Your Living Word—Jesus the Christ—this weekend, I am reminded of Peter, full[...]
Fundraisers Invite People Into a Spiritual Communion
“When we ask people for money to strengthen or expand the work of the kingdom, we are also inviting them[...]
God’s Love Can Multiply the Effects of Our Generosity
“When Jesus fed five thousand people with only five loaves and bread and two fish, he was showing us how[...]

Congregational Champions

Learn in Three Days a Process to Transform Your Congregation
It does not matter what “RE” word works for you—revitalize, renew, re-envision, reinvent, redevelop, restart, replant, resurrect—there is a three-day[...]
27 Books That Have Impacted My Ministry as a Congregational Champion
I have read thousands of books during my life. Probably 90 percent of them have been non-fiction books. The picture[...]
The Synergy of Good Faith, Good Fellowship, Good Works, Good News
(Review one of the topics covered at Congregational Champions Retreats.) Four essential characteristics of FaithSoaring Churches are Good Faith, Good Fellowship, Good[...]
Writing the Future Story of Ministry for Your Congregation
George Bullard has been working on updating a manuscript that addresses the point in a Spiritual Strategic Journey when a[...]
Dying to Restart: Churches Choosing a Strategic Death for a Multiplying Life
Dying-to-Restart Download this FREE ebook. We are pleased to share this new ebook with you from Exponential authored by Greg Wiens[...]