The Ten “R”s for Plotting a New Congregational Course

One strategy in our association–Columbia Metro Baptist Association–is about helping congregations who have been in significant decline over many years to turnaround and once again be vital and vibrant congregations. At times this requires radical transitions and changes.

The current version of this approach is The Ten “Rs” for Plotting a New Congregational Course

First, is Replication when a congregation launches multiple congregational campuses. Second, is Reproduction when a congregation plants multiple new congregations. Third, is Relocation when a congregation moves to a more promising location. Fourth, is Reception when a congregation becomes a location partner with other congregations and meet in the same place.

Fifth, is Redemption when a congregation’s viable and vibrant future involves joining with another congregation which has greater potential. Sixth, is Reconciliation when three or more congregations merge into a new congregation that expresses their unity in Christ. Seventh, is Redirection when a congregation significantly changes the focus of the congregation.

Eighth, is Reinvention when an existing congregation rethinks everything is does—sort of like an extreme makeover—and restarts as a new congregation. Ninth, is Resurrection when a congregation chooses to start all over again and replant itself as a new congregation. Tenth, is when a congregation ceases to exist for any reason it can experience Release where it creates a legacy to endow new congregations with the assets it leaves behind.

Each of these at some point may involve a Rebranding and Relaunching of the congregation.

Beginning Monday, April 29th and running for ten weekdays, George Bullard will write about each of these transitions and changes in his blog on the CMBA web site at George Bullard’s Journey.

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