Four Smaller Membership Churches Cooperate for One Day Community Impact Event

With a welcome sign at each end, the City of Columbia has formally dedicated Decker Boulevard, a two-mile stretch of highway, as an international corridor, applauding the Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese, African, and Mexican business cultures, as well as others, making up the thriving district near Fort Jackson and Columbia Mall. Now, four Columbia […]

Martin Luther King Jr. Worship and Fellowship Service, January 15th

On the day that commemorates the birth, heritage, and hope of Martin Luther King, Jr., CMBA pastors, staff persons, and layperson are invited to participate in a service of worship and fellowship at 6:00 p.m., Concord Fellowship Baptist Church, 7831 Wilson Boulevard, Columbia. The worship and fellowship time is intended to express our associational commitment […]

Temple Zion Baptist Pastor Andre Melvin Oversees Columbia International Prison Program

Andre Melvin, pastor of Temple Zion Baptist Church in the Columbia Metro Baptist Association, also serves as executive director of the Columbia International University Prison Program. This program, which is immersed with the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC), has helped 136 state inmates receive Associate Degrees in Biblical Studies and go on to serve […]

Baptist Collegiate Ministry December Update

Baptist Collegiate Ministry is having a Christmas Party for international students Dec. 9 from 5pm until 8pm.  Help is needed setting up, cleaning up and to meet, greet and serve the students.  If you or your church would like to meet the world at our doorstep, then this would be a great place to serve.  Contact […]

Intentional Interim Pastoral Ministry is an Art More than a Science, Post One

Saturday, October 14, 2017 This week I had the opportunity to speak to the leadership, and some invited guests, of one of my favorite organizations that seeks to recruit, train, place, resource, and coach interim pastors for congregations. It is Interim Pastor Ministries. My relationship with the people of Interim Pastor Ministries goes back almost […]

FaithSoaring Churches Characteristics

FaithSoaring Churche Eagle

What are the key characteristics of FaithSoaring Churches? Probably there is no perfect set of characteristics. Yet certain key characteristics emerge from my observation of multiple FaithSoaring Churches. No two congregations will have the exact same set of characteristics or formula. Each congregation is unique. Will FaithSoaring Churches have all the characteristics presented here? Not necessarily. Here is one set of […]

Not Necessarily FaithSoaring Churches Characteristics

FaithSoaring Churche Eagle

Another set of characteristics exists which I call, ”Not NecessarilyFaithSoaring Church Characteristics”. (See article on FaithSoaring Churches Characteristics that preceded this article.) They more clearly define who can be considered a FaithSoaringChurch. Already you may be typecasting or stereotyping who these congregations may be. You are probably wrong at some points and right at others. Keep reading to discover […]

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