Insight 097: FaithSoaring Churches Organize Laity for Service

While congregational transformation requires the initiating leadership of the senior or solo pastor and any other staff, that is not enough. Nor will that usually sustain the transition and changes needed for transformation. Laypersons must be organized for service. They must feel ownership of the transformation movement. They must be captivated by the vision God […]

Insight 096: FaithSoaring Churches Connect with Elementary Schools

Often when congregations need to transform, their community context is going through some demographic changes. The typical congregation is not keeping up with the transitions and changes of their context. One of the best places to discover the leading edge of demographic shifts is in elementary schools. Congregations should connect with elementary schools to provide […]

Revitalized Rosewood Church is ‘Evidence of God’s Plan for His Kingdom in Southeast Columbia’

On September 10, 2017 Rosewood Baptist Church in Columbia SC undertook a relaunch and rebranding of the 80-year-old institution. The new “Rosewood Church” presented new core values and vision, with a modern logo and graphic brand as well as changes to its campus and sanctuary. The church now embraces a unique and relevant, blended worship […]

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