Revitalized Rosewood Church is ‘Evidence of God’s Plan for His Kingdom in Southeast Columbia’

On September 10, 2017 Rosewood Baptist Church in Columbia SC undertook a relaunch and rebranding of the 80-year-old institution. The new “Rosewood Church” presented new core values and vision, with a modern logo and graphic brand as well as changes to its campus and sanctuary. The church now embraces a unique and relevant, blended worship […]

Insight 095: FaithSoaring Churches Are Willing to Pay for Expert Assistance

Some congregations have declined to the point they cannot pay for outside assistance and expect their denomination to help them for free. While this situation is partially understandable, it does represent a desperation point that should have been recognized and addressed earlier. If a congregation’s heating system breaks they are going to rally to pay […]

Insight 094: FaithSoaring Churches Increase Their Digital Presence

Transforming congregations diversify their communication channels to create a strong digital presence. One or two methods of communication are no longer adequate. Print is not good enough. In fact, it has not been for two decades. They expand to multiple digital methods of communication. E-mail is acceptable and must be a basic, foundational form of […]

Insight 092: FaithSoaring Churches Do Continuous Improvement in a Few Areas

Not only should congregations seeking to transform focus on a few areas where they are seeking to excel, but they should also continuously improvement the quality of what they are doing in these areas. Why? Is not good enough good enough? No. Expectations of increasing quality are ongoing. Congregational participants–particularly newer and younger participants–are looking […]

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