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The Ten “R”s for Plotting a New Congregational Course

One strategy in our association–Columbia Metro Baptist Association–is about helping congregations who have been in significant decline over many years to turnaround and once again be vital and vibrant congregations. At times this requires radical transitions and changes. The current version of this approach is The Ten “Rs” for Plotting a New Congregational Course First, is […]

Reflections on Church Safety and Security Learnings from April 17th Vision Tuesday Presentation

Church Safety and Security Learning #5 from April 17th Vision Tuesday: By the time first responders can get to your church because of an active shooter or other violent intrusion, the situation is over. The clear majority of these crisis situations are over within five minutes and the first responders, if contacted immediately when the […]

Insight 111: FaithSoaring Churches Focus on the Spiritual Transformation of People

It is difficult for congregations to experience spiritual transformation in response to God’s visionary leadership if they do not foundationally believe in the necessity of the spiritual transformation of individual people. They must believe that a personal relationship to God through Jesus Christ is essential for eternal life. If they believe that an ideal spiritual […]

Spears Creek Baptist Church Looking for Student Pastor

Spears Creek Baptist Church, Elgin, SC, is seeking God’s direction for a Student Pastor. The Student Pastor will be called by God, a committed Christ follower, and live a life of integrity. T he Student Pastor will be primarily responsible for all Student Ministry and another area of ministry responsibility according to spiritual giftedness. Please […]

Insight 110: FaithSoaring Churches Effectively Nurture Chreasters

Easter [and Christmas and weddings and funerals] are occasions when Chreasters are present in worship. These CEOs [Christmas, Easter and Other] are people who primarily attend worship around Christmas and Easter. They are the underchurched. They are not inactive, but they are close. On these occasions is a time to engage in authentically addressing needs […]