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Insight 107: FaithSoaring Churches Connect Missional, Disciplemaking, and Attracting

For years we have warned congregations who desire to transform to watch out for programmatic silos that do not connect with one another. There are also process or emphasis silos. These may focus around missional engagement, being a disciplemaking congregation, and being attractional or church growth oriented. Even congregations who have a proactive and positive […]

Temple Zion Baptist Pastor Andre Melvin Oversees Columbia International Prison Program

Listen to the podcast with Rev Andre Melvin, Temple Zion Baptist Church — Andre Melvin, pastor of Temple Zion Baptist Church in the Columbia Metro Baptist Association, also serves as executive director of the Columbia International University Prison Program. This program, which is immersed with the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC), has helped 136 […]

Insight 104: FaithSoaring Churches Focus on New People Rather Than Inactive People

One of the passions for some people in congregations is the desire to reactivate inactive or former members of the church. They believe if these people would reactivate the congregation would soar. This approach presents several challenges that diminish its effectiveness. First, it only works a small percentage of the time. Second, the effort required […]

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