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Insight 140: FaithSoaring Churches Stop Doing Things Because WADITWB

A big barrier to the transformation of congregations is WADITWB. This stands for “We’ve Always Done It That Way Before”. This is the answer given by many congregations to the possibility of innovation. Innovation involves transition and change. This is what many congregations are unwilling to do. Congregations stuck in the rut of habitual behavior […]

Insight 139: FaithSoaring Churches Stop Doing Things That Drain Resources

Congregations seeking to transform must be willing to re-evaluate program, ministries, and activities that drain resources rather than renew resources. Do these things add qualitative and quantitative value to the life and ministry of the congregation? Or, do they drain resources and just keep the congregation busy and unproductive? What is an example? Resources include […]

Insight 138: FaithSoaring Churches Make That Which is Shallow Deep

Congregations seeking to transform must move beyond the first right answer, one that is quick, one that is simple, and especially one that is shallow. For congregations to transform it takes deep thinking, careful planning, thorough resources development, new capacities, and most of all a deep sense of God leadership. Too many congregations are shallow […]

Insight 135: FaithSoaring Churches Connect Disciplemaking and Leadership Selection

For congregations to transform there must be a connection between people who are maturing as disciples and people selected to fill leadership positions. Many congregations are afraid to connect disciplemaking and leadership selection. They are looking for available and willing people, selecting friends, or giving into the culture and tradition of the congregation. In the […]

Insight 133: FaithSoaring Churches Have Great Openness to New People

Many congregations are not genuinely open to new people. They think they are, but they are not. This is obvious quickly to guests/visitors. Therefore, to find out if your congregation expresses positive openness ask the people who are nearly attending your congregation. Congregations needing to transform must be positively assertive in welcoming new people into […]

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