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Insight 076: FaithSoaring Churches Overcome Resistance to Transition and Change

No congregation with high resistance to transition and change that may lead to transformation has a clear vision for the future. The two are incompatible. If a congregation is motivated by a clear vision from God for its full Kingdom potential its willingness to transition and change will empower forward progress. If a congregation is […]

Insight 075: FaithSoaring Churches Use Every Opportunity to Be Purposeful

Many congregations get busy. They get busy about being busy. They add things to their calendar thinking that more things will produce more results. It is the Protestant work ethic fully enshrined.  But, does it help the congregation to more faithful, effective, and innovative? Is it empowering the transformation of the congregation? Seldom. Congregations truly […]

Insight 072: FaithSoaring Churches Know Why They Do Why They Do

Congregations seeking to transform know why they do everything they do. They know what contribution every program, ministry, and activity make to the spiritual strategic journey of the congregation. How they speed transformation. They know how everything aligns with the vision of the congregation. Nothing is wasted. They have moved beyond business as usual—beyond doing […]

Insight 071: FaithSoaring Congregations Are Embraced by a Solutions Focus

The book The Discipline of Market Leaders (Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema, Perseus Books, 1995) suggests there are three foci for the marketing efforts of organizations. Best Price, Best Product, and Best Solution. A Best Solutions effort focuses on the needs of the people being served rather than how to provide cheap products, the best—perhaps […]

Insight 069: FaithSoaring Churches Engage in Discontinuous Action Following a Long Plateau

Congregations needing to transform are not necessarily declining in the number of people participating in the congregation. Many are simply plateaued. This means their average weekly attendance does not go up or down more than 10 percent over a three to five-year period. When a congregation has been plateaued for seven years or more, it […]

Insight 068: FaithSoaring Churches Make Transformation Everyone’s Responsibility

Congregations must move beyond the obvious trap of expecting the pastor to bring vision and to personally empower their transformation. The work of transformation is everyone’s responsibility. Yes, there needs to be a leadership community composed of at least 21 percent of the average number of active attending adults in the congregation present on a […]

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