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Insight 068: FaithSoaring Churches Make Transformation Everyone’s Responsibility

Congregations must move beyond the obvious trap of expecting the pastor to bring vision and to personally empower their transformation. The work of transformation is everyone’s responsibility. Yes, there needs to be a leadership community composed of at least 21 percent of the average number of active attending adults in the congregation present on a […]

Insight 067: FaithSoaring Churches Move Beyond Success or Significance to Surrender

Very few congregations transform by focusing on developing successful ministry projects. Some will see short-term significance by focusing on mission action. Generally, it will take full surrender to ongoing missional engagement for congregations to transform. Ministry projects are often short-term projects congregations want to do to a target group of people. Mission action involves mid-term […]

Insight 066: FaithSoaring Churches Have Radical Missional Engagement

Many congregations are internally focused. Congregations needing transformation should become externally focused. They need to think, plan, and act on radical forms of missional engagement. They need to take a journey requiring them to do something discontinuous in engaging their community context or a global issue where they can make a significant contribution along with […]

Insight 063: FaithSoaring Churches Focus on Benefits for Connecting with Their Congregation

Congregations needing to transform too often have a desperate need for new people to connect with their congregation who can be active, have leadership ability, and will tithe their income through the congregation. They want these people to provide the new attendance, leadership, and financial support the congregation needs to transform. This comes close to […]

Insight 061: FaithSoaring Churches Define Different Ways to Connect with the Congregation

Several decades ago there was primarily one way to connect with congregations. Join. Become a member. Or, become an associate member. Now things are different. Multiple ways exist to connect with congregations. Some relate to the process or stages of connecting. There is membership. There is connecting. There is active participation. There is lurking which […]

Insight 060: FaithSoaring Churches Stop Defending the Indefensible

For congregations to become FaithSoaring they must stop defending the indefensible. In general, the indefensible are the things that stopped working some years ago, models of congregational life that are no longer relevant, methods that speak to a context that no longer exists, and/or patterns familiar to long-term members but strange to people who might […]

Insight 059: FaithSoaring Churches Understand the Difference Between Missional and Missio Dei

Currently popular is for congregations to transform by a focus on being missional. To focus on missional–the “go” action where congregations cross barriers to identify with and minister in a world context as proactive participants in God’s mission–can become just another program. It is in many settings the “in” thing. Any time even the best […]