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Insight 028: FaithSoaring Churches May Relocate to a More Promising Location

The location of a congregation can create tremendous barriers to vitality. This occurs when the land uses around the facilities change from residential to commercial or industrial. This can also occur when the demographics of the context changes faster than the congregation can adapt. Unfortunately, there are also times the congregation chooses not to adapt […]

Insight 026: FaithSoaring Churches Nest Other Congregations in Their Facilities

Many congregations who need to transform are using much less of their building space than they once used. One strategy for transforming a congregation is to nest other congregations in your facilities—develop location partners. Here are several advantages and benefits. First, it is good stewardship of the facilities resource God has given congregations. Second, it […]

Insight 025: FaithSoaring Churches Discover the Unique Proposition Their Congregation Can Offer

Typically, congregations who need to transform seek to emulate and compete with other congregations they believe are being successful. Often this is a losing proposition. Seldom does a congregation seeking to transform have the capacity needed to compete with larger congregations. Also, they are often late to the party. The community context may be saturated […]

Insight 024: FaithSoaring Churches Realize It May Take Several Rounds of Spiritual and Strategic Action Before a Transformational Journey Kicks In

If a congregation is at rest, not continually innovating, and not sufficiently open to transition and change, it is tough to go from zero to 70 driving in the fast lane the first time they attempt to go on a transformational journey. It may take several rounds of spiritual and strategic action before a transformational […]

Insight 022: FaithSoaring Churches Allow God to Pull Their Congregation Forward into the Future

Many congregations are unaware of the difference between a PUSH strategy and a PULL strategy for transformation. A PUSH strategy is transactional, and a PULL strategy is transformational. Only a PULL strategy results in transformation. A PUSH strategy assesses the past to present of a congregation, seeks to anticipate what is next, and asks God […]

Insight 021: FaithSoaring Churches Renew Their Core While Extending Their Ministry—Part Two

Some great congregations doing some great missional projects fail to transform because they do not understand nor embrace the need to renew their leadership core through disciplemaking processes while simultaneously extending their ministry. They outrun their leadership supply lines. They are often engaged in prophetic ministry, but that is not enough. If the missional engagement […]

Insight 020: FaithSoaring Churches Focus on Signs of Health and Strength

Transforming congregations does not happen by correcting what is wrong or weak about a congregation. Kennon Callahan said years ago that you can correct everything wrong with a congregation and bring it right up to neutral. Transforming congregations takes place by affirming what is right about a congregation and building on this foundation. It begins […]

Insight 019: FaithSoaring Churches Clearly Distinguish Between What is of Christ and What is of Culture

It is a mistake to assume that everything a Christian congregation does is Christ-centered and faith-based. This is especially true for congregations who have waned in their clarity of and commitment to a God-breathed vision. These congregations often confuse Christ and culture—what is of God and what is of society and government. As a result, […]