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Insight 154: FaithSoaring Churches Provide Open Doors to Enter

Literally it is important to provide open doors with great signage for people to enter church facilities when arriving for worship and other events. This sounds simple or very tactical. Yet, it is an important part of creating an atmosphere that congregations are “inviting,” and desiring new people to connect in worship, discipleship, and fellowship. […]

Insight 150: FaithSoaring Churches Make Shifts Rather Than Changes

Too many congregations are allergic to the word “change”. That one six letter word trips up congregations. Let’s try something different. How about the word “shift”? When the earth shifts because of an earthquake, we must adjust. Life shifts. Style and methodology shift. Each new generation brings shifts. Technology shifts. Shifts often redefine basic assumptions […]

Insight 148: FaithSoaring Churches Struggle Against Principalities and Powers

When seeking to FaithSoaring Churches “be prepared for the struggle with principalities and powers”. [Queen and Davis.  Hopeful Imagination, 2014] Such struggles are not always about the obvious manipulations of a personal Devil. They are often the subtle desire to do things from a business perspective, or the response of people who do not get […]

Insight 147: FaithSoaring Churches Recognize the Shaping of God

“God doesn’t work in a vacuum. The events and circumstances that have brought you to this moment have shaped you along the way–your identity as a church, your sense of mission and self-understanding.” [Queen and Davis.  Hopeful Imagination, 2014] Congregations desiring to transform recognize the presence and power of God within their congregation and in […]