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Insight 126: FaithSoaring Churches Encourage People to Express Their Spiritual Gifts

Congregations needing to transform may have fallen into a pattern where they are not proactively freeing and empowering people to express their spiritual gifts. People are asked to fill slots of responsibility rather than move in areas where they have the greatest gifts, skills, and preferences. Many congregations–even smaller membership congregations–have people with untapped gifts, […]

Insight 123: FaithSoaring Churches Have Empowering Management Documents

Congregations are often in danger of being over managed and under led. This is particularly the case when considering the formal documents of the church. Where congregational polity exists, these may be a constitution or charter, bylaws, and an operational manual. In connectional traditions this may include region, national, and international documents of church organizations. […]

Plotting A New Course for Your Congregation Gatherings on Tuesday, May 15th

Vision Tuesday on May 15th will have a Lunch Session and an Evening Session The regular Vision Tuesday Lunch and Speaker on May 15th will be held at St. Andrews Baptist Church, 230 Bush River Road in Columbia. The Speaker is Kenny Mills of ruins REBUILT at Registration for the lunch is required. Register HERE. […]

Insight 122: FaithSoaring Churches Redefine “Our Kind of People”

Congregations needing to transform have too narrowly defined “our kind of people”. They have defined them around one of more of the following characteristics: race, ethnicity, socioeconomics, education, residential location, theological position, denominational affiliation, past to present relationship with the congregation, and other characteristics. Such definitions of “our kind of people” often lead to a […]

Insight 121: FaithSoaring Churches Empower Women in Ministry

Many congregations could transform more easily if they would empower women in ministry leadership. Women add a quality to ministry leadership that enhances the ability of congregations to transform. Women have gifts, skills, and preferences needed within congregations. Denying the full expression of women in ministry leadership limits the capacity of congregations. Men too often […]

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