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Insight 115: FaithSoaring Churches Have a Greater Involvement of Laity

Broad-based ownership of transformation by laity in a congregation empowers transition and change that may lead to transformation not only in the short-term, but also in the long-term. Narrow ownership of transformation by laity may lead to short-term transition and change, but not long-term transformation. Transformation is often staff-initiated. This can be very good. One […]

Insight 114: FaithSoaring Churches Affirm Long Pastorates

Transforming congregations affirm long pastorates. They support their leaders and see the transformation of congregations as having ups and downs for which no one person is to blame or should get the credit. They feel accountable for contributing to transition and change processes. It appears obvious congregations who change pastors every three to five years […]

Insight 111: FaithSoaring Churches Focus on the Spiritual Transformation of People

It is difficult for congregations to experience spiritual transformation in response to God’s visionary leadership if they do not foundationally believe in the necessity of the spiritual transformation of individual people. They must believe that a personal relationship to God through Jesus Christ is essential for eternal life. If they believe that an ideal spiritual […]

Insight 110: FaithSoaring Churches Effectively Nurture Chreasters

Easter [and Christmas and weddings and funerals] are occasions when Chreasters are present in worship. These CEOs [Christmas, Easter and Other] are people who primarily attend worship around Christmas and Easter. They are the underchurched. They are not inactive, but they are close. On these occasions is a time to engage in authentically addressing needs […]

Insight 108: FaithSoaring Churches Have Buildings for the Community More Than the Church

What if congregations constructed or retrofitted buildings for the needs of and use by community context more than for the church programs? Some congregations would protest that their buildings are already available to the community. Agreed. Sort of. What is suggested here is that buildings be conceptualized as community buildings the congregation also has an […]

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