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Insight 108: FaithSoaring Churches Have Buildings for the Community More Than the Church

What if congregations constructed or retrofitted buildings for the needs of and use by community context more than for the church programs? Some congregations would protest that their buildings are already available to the community. Agreed. Sort of. What is suggested here is that buildings be conceptualized as community buildings the congregation also has an […]

Insight 107: FaithSoaring Churches Connect Missional, Disciplemaking, and Attracting

For years we have warned congregations who desire to transform to watch out for programmatic silos that do not connect with one another. There are also process or emphasis silos. These may focus around missional engagement, being a disciplemaking congregation, and being attractional or church growth oriented. Even congregations who have a proactive and positive […]

Insight 104: FaithSoaring Churches Focus on New People Rather Than Inactive People

One of the passions for some people in congregations is the desire to reactivate inactive or former members of the church. They believe if these people would reactivate the congregation would soar. This approach presents several challenges that diminish its effectiveness. First, it only works a small percentage of the time. Second, the effort required […]

Insight 102: FaithSoaring Churches Decrease Secrecy and Increasing Mutual Respect

Congregations not ready for and even resisting change are characterized by secrecy and a lack of mutual respect. There is secrecy in communication, of money, and of prayer concerns. Information is power that can lead to control. Too many leaders do not realize that the control of information destroys community and limits the empowerment of […]

Insight 100: FaithSoaring Churches Become an Internal Community Agent

Often congregations for need to transform have failed to stay fully relevant to their community context. A gap exists. The familiarity and depth of relationship they once had with people and organizations has diminished. Many congregational leaders may no longer live in the community context. When this happens and when the community context continues as […]

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