Apartment Life – The Columbia Metro Connection Podcast – #006

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    This week’s episode features Dave Hickman and Andrea Morris, with Apartment Life. Apartment Life is a faith-based, non-profit organization that has been serving the apartment industry since 2000. They believe every individual is created for community and that we are all called to love our neighbor as ourselves. Their goal is to live this out while providing strong business value to apartment owners. They help apartment owners care for residents by connecting them in relationships. This, in turn, helps improve the community’s financial performance through online reputation, resident satisfaction, and resident retention.  At Apartment Life, they are changing how the apartment business is done and changing the lives of those who live there.

Hosts for this week’s Podcast:


  • Sometimes taking the Gospel next door can be just as difficult, if not more so, as taking the gospel across the ocean.


  • 50% of people living in a metro area, like Columbia, live in an apartment.  Only 5% of those are living out some sort of faith.


  • Churches can’t claim to reach the city for Christ, if their not reaching those living in apartments.


  • People want to know you care about them as a person before they hear about how your Savior cares for them.


  • Apartment life provides intentionality and structure to what the scriptures call us to do in the book of Acts.


  • We have closed mission fields in the United States, and gates and key fobs protect them from the gospel.  But we have the means to get in.


  • Each Cares Team wants to point people they’ve connected with to a local church.


  • The more churches come together and collaborate the more people we can reach for Christ.


  • Key Characteristics of a great church to work with an apartment Cares Team:  Recruiting Church, Praying Church, Supporting Church, Present Church, a Community-Focused Church.

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