Providing Food and Water to the Nations – Columbia Metro Connection – Episode #009

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    This week’s episode features Pastor Jimmy Hanf.  Pastor Jimmy is a part of Concord Baptist Church in Lugoff, SC.  Pastor Jimmy and a team of volunteers make a difference on the first and third Wednesday of each month to help the hungry and the hurting through the ministry of the Concord Baptist Church food pantry. This Kershaw County church that has 65-70 on a Sunday morning is helping over 100 families, which represent over 500 people each month.

Hosts for this week’s Podcast:


If you set your mind to allow the Lord to lead you, you can do a lot of great things for the Kingdom!
Smaller membership church doesn’t mean small mission.
One of the first steps for a church to get involved at a school is to go and talk to the principal and found out what their needs are.
80% of the sicknesses in Peru are caused by the people not having adequate resources for clean drinking water.
After providing the people in those villages with a simple six-inch water filter from Sawyer Water Filtration the illnesses are cut down dramatically.
Our prayer was that people would have a spiritual awakening and this time we baptized seven in the piranha invested water and a total of thirteen made professions of faith.

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Concord Baptist Church

Agua Es Vida

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