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OPP 037: Freddy Johnson and Kris Swiatocho on the Power of Single’s Ministry
SUBSCRIBE:  iTunes| RSS | Stitcher | TuneIn Radio | Google Play      The One Priority Podcast is sponsored and supported by the Columbia Metro Baptist Association and the[...]
CMC 036: Chris Hanley on Saturating Community with the Gospel
SUBSCRIBE:  iTunes| RSS | Stitcher | TuneIn Radio | Google Play The Columbia Metro Connection is sponsored and supported by the Columbia Metro Baptist Association and the almost 100 family churches that[...]

Our Family Stories

Riverside Community Church’s Mission to Multiply
Riverside Community ChurchDownload Riverside Community Church, located on Divine Street in the Shandon area near Five Points, has joined the[...]
What’s an Online Campus, and Should Our Church Have One?
Online CampusesDownload Before COVID-19 it may have been hard for many churches to imagine a need for a dedicated online[...]
Thoughts on ReLaunching Congregations During COVID-19
Relaunching CongregationsDownload It is a burning question so many church members are asking these days – when can we all[...]
Churches “Flattening” the Technology Learning Curve
Church Technology Learning CurveDownload As the spread of COVID-19 and its related shutdowns began occurring in mid-March, churches were forced[...]

FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community

Village Church at Park Street is Why I Do What I Do
Bullard-Village-Church-at-Park-Street-02.24.20-1Download Forty-five years ago during the summer of 1975, I visited four cities of the 15 where 100 churches were[...]
Church Tour Ideas from CMBA Churches and Others
Church Tour Idea 001: Gateway Baptist Church has in its worship folder a link to their Gateway Groups web page[...]
The National Study of Congregations’ Economic Practices
Congregations' Economic Practices 2-Page Summary 2019Download The Lake Institute on Faith & Giving has published a National Study of Congregations’[...]
Families for All Children at the November 19th Vision Day
CMCH-Foster-CareDownload On November 19th Columbia Metro Baptist Association (CMBA) will conduct a Vision Day Lunch and Speaker where churches will[...]
Connie Maxwell Offers Pilot on Foster Care to Three to Five CMBA Churches
On Tuesday, November 19th ( Noon to 1:30 p.m.) at North Trenholm Baptist Church in Columbia, Danny Nicholson, president of[...]

George Bullard's Journey

Blessed Assurances
"Some people in my congregation want assurances I cannot give them," was the frustration shared by one pastor in recent[...]
Boldly Go Where No Association Has Gone Before
Materials for AIM meeting in Jacksonville, FL Associations-Boldly-Going-02.06.20Download Bullard-Associations-Boldly-Going-02.05.20-Edition-1Download Associational-Funding-StreamsDownload
Navigating the Technology Issue
Technology has opened up a brave new world in human information sharing and communication. It has impacted education in tremendous[...]
The High Points in Congregational Ministry
What are some of the high points in congregational ministry for your pastor and other staff ministers? Baptism of a[...]
Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School is an annual event in many congregations. It is a time that typically the largest number of[...]

Congregational Champions

The Synergy of Good Faith, Good Fellowship, Good Works, Good News
(Review one of the topics covered at Congregational Champions Retreats.) Four essential characteristics of FaithSoaring Churches are Good Faith, Good Fellowship, Good[...]
Writing the Future Story of Ministry for Your Congregation
George Bullard has been working on updating a manuscript that addresses the point in a Spiritual Strategic Journey when a[...]
Dying to Restart: Churches Choosing a Strategic Death for a Multiplying Life
Dying-to-Restart Download this FREE ebook. We are pleased to share this new ebook with you from Exponential authored by Greg Wiens[...]