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Passing the Baton to Expand The Kingdom – Columbia Metro Connection – Episode #018
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Born to Plant – Columbia Metro Connection – Episode #017
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Our Family Stories

Kingdom Work to Continue in Former Church’s Facility
Download Our Family Story -- Eastside Church, 12.14.18 There were tears at Eastside Baptist’s last service held on Dec. 2, but[...]
After 18 Years of Church Planting, Jeff Shipman Says the Future is Focusing on the “Why” Not “How”
Download Our Family Story -- Church Planting - Jeff Shipman, 01.09.19 Jeff Shipman’s goal is not church planting. His goal is[...]
Church Planting is at the Heart of George Bullard’s Ministry
Download Our Family Story -- Church Planting - George Bullard, 11.18 Church planting can work when church planters start churches. But[...]
A Lay Leader’s Hopeful Perspective on Local Church, Associational Work
Buck Williams is hopeful. He’s optimistic about the local church and its ability to share the gospel, and he’s hopeful[...]

FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community

Gospel Saturation Insight 013
(Wednesday) Insight 013: “Why are your planting that church? Who do you want your church to grow? Why are you[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 012
“We wrestle with our inherited OS that we learned through our upbringing, our seminaries, our books, our traditions, and our[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 011
“Churches driven by this OS (church growth) would define success by how many members they have, how many people show[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 010
"At the risk of oversimplification, let’s assume that ‘church growth’ is the normative OS that is running these Apps in[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 009
"They [the Apps] can help the church accomplish all sorts of laudable goals, but they fail to achieve their maximum[...]

George Bullard's Journey

Captured By Vision Insight 012 By George Bullard
The word vision contains neither the letter “m” nor the letter “e.” Vision is not about “me.” It is about[...]
Captured By Vision Insight 011 By George Bullard
One crucial test of vision is that it moves the congregation forward in God's image and not the image of[...]
Captured By Vision Insight 010 By George Bullard
Vision is more about the pulling of God into the future than the pushing of humankind to do better each[...]
Captured By Vision Insight 009 By George Bullard
Vision is initiated by God to the body the church, cast by leadership, and owned by membership. Pastors, staff members,[...]
Prayers For Pastors and Congregations–On the Second Sunday of January 2019
A Prayer for Pastors: O Lord, one of my greatest joys as a pastor is to baptize someone who has come[...]

Congregational Champions

Learn in Three Days a Process to Transform Your Congregation
It does not matter what “RE” word works for you—revitalize, renew, re-envision, reinvent, redevelop, restart, replant, resurrect—there is a three-day[...]
27 Books That Have Impacted My Ministry as a Congregational Champion
I have read thousands of books during my life. Probably 90 percent of them have been non-fiction books. The picture[...]
The Synergy of Good Faith, Good Fellowship, Good Works, Good News
(Review one of the topics covered at Congregational Champions Retreats.) Four essential characteristics of FaithSoaring Churches are Good Faith, Good Fellowship, Good[...]
Writing the Future Story of Ministry for Your Congregation
George Bullard has been working on updating a manuscript that addresses the point in a Spiritual Strategic Journey when a[...]
Dying to Restart: Churches Choosing a Strategic Death for a Multiplying Life
Dying-to-Restart Download this FREE ebook. We are pleased to share this new ebook with you from Exponential authored by Greg Wiens[...]