Administrative Team Morphs into a Visionary Leadership Community, January 16th

Beginning this month, January 2018, the group providing regular guidance for the work and ministry of the Columbia Metro Baptist Association morphs from an Administrative Team into a Visionary Leadership Community.

This transition seeks to provide spiritual and strategic empowerment for the association as it seeks to fulfill Our One Priority of starting and strengthening congregations to serve as vital and vibrant missional communities.

What is different? First, the Administrative Team primarily focused on management issues with four sub-groups focused on finance, personnel, property, and stewardship.

The Visionary Leadership Community focuses on Kingdom progress with leadership communities related to it focusing on multiplying congregations, transforming congregations, developing leadership, and impacting communities. It will have a fifth leadership community focused on essential management issues.

Second, the Administrative Team was only composed of 12 people. The Visionary Leadership Community includes 18 people on the core team, and up to a total of 60 to 65 people on the leadership communities related to it.

The larger number of people creates deeper and broader ownership by the churches-in-association regarding the work and ministry of CMBA. It also allows for multiple foci of Kingdom ministry which will accelerate the effectiveness of the churches-in-association in the fulfill of the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment.

For more information, go to the section on the CMBA website on the landing page at called Our Strategies.

Formal approval of this transition is by the Executive Board of CMBA at its March 2018 meeting.

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