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On 20th CMBA Anniversary Locklear Celebrates Relationships with Churches
Download Our Family Story -- Community Impact - Cathy Locklear In 1999, Cathy Locklear and her husband Eric had just welcomed[...]
Church Plants Must Serve in the Community, Connect with People, and Be Involved with Other Churches
In 2001, Erik Estep was serving Fellowship Baptist Church in Lexington, had never thought about church planting, and on this[...]

FaithSoaring Churches Learning Community

Steve Perky Weekly Focus 2019.w.08
#TeaTimeThoughts from Steve Perky I don't know about you but one of the challenges I both experience personally and observe[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 046
Insight 046: What does God want? “God wants Gospel Saturation. He longs for every man, woman, and child to have[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 045
Insight 045: For true and deep Gospel Saturation to take place “pastors, church leaders, and every missionary disciple must relentlessly[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 044
Insight 044: “If we are going to see the tide of secularism, racism, and every other -ism that is set[...]

George Bullard's Journey

Prayers for Pastors and Congregations–Fourth Weekend of February 2019
A Prayer for Pastors:  O Lord, proclaiming Your Word is essential and a powerful force. I am reminded of the power[...]
Captured By Vision Insight 039 By George Bullard
We write the vision we have experienced to create a consistent historic and dynamic record of the vision to share[...]

Congregational Champions

Dying to Restart: Churches Choosing a Strategic Death for a Multiplying Life
Dying-to-Restart Download this FREE ebook. We are pleased to share this new ebook with you from Exponential authored by Greg Wiens[...]
Writing the Future Story of Ministry for Your Congregation
George Bullard has been working on updating a manuscript that addresses the point in a Spiritual Strategic Journey when a[...]
The Synergy of Good Faith, Good Fellowship, Good Works, Good News
(Review one of the topics covered at Congregational Champions Retreats.) Four essential characteristics of FaithSoaring Churches are Good Faith, Good Fellowship, Good[...]
27 Books That Have Impacted My Ministry as a Congregational Champion
I have read thousands of books during my life. Probably 90 percent of them have been non-fiction books. The picture[...]