Insight 174: FaithSoaring Churches Proactively Include All Generations in Leadership

Congregations seeking to transform know that to the extent they have multiple generations within their congregation, they must proactively include all generations in congregational leadership. The tendency is for “like” to attract “like”. This means older, long-term leaders ask the people they know to join them in leadership. It is not just a matter of […]

Ten Mistakes That Churches Make When It Comes to First Time Guests

Wise counsel from Greg Atkinson of who was our February 2018 Vision Tuesday speaker. You may also check out his ministry at Download the document: Guest No-Nos Here are three ideas. Open the document to see the full list of ten plus the details about each. Greetings and Salutations Poor signage Christianese

Insight 169: FaithSoaring Churches Recognize Unique Ministry Opportunities

Congregations seeking to transform innovate by addressing the needs of unique ministry opportunities. They are not just focusing on the same priorities as thousands of other congregations. They focus on priorities where they may even have strengths. One suggestion to look for is grandparents who are raising grandchildren. This unique ministry has multiple variations. It […]

Insight 168: FaithSoaring Churches Recognize Various Rites of Passage

Congregations seeking to transform are aware of the various passages people go through in life, recognize them, honor them when appropriate, touch base with them as needed, and use the concept of the ministry of presence when potentially meaningful. This means births are recognized, graduation is recognized, marriage is recognized, significant anniversaries are recognized, career […]

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