Samuel Hernandez’s Winding Road, Listening to the Lord, Led to Bi-vocational Ministry in Columbia

Download this story:  Samuel Hernandez, 08.06.18 Samuel Hernandez has been pastor of Columbia’s Iglesia Hispana Dios es Amor for 18 years. It began meeting at First Baptist Church West Columbia and then at Killian Baptist Church, but since 2011 has met with the unanimous endorsement of leaders and members at Sandy Level Baptist Church, in Blythewood. […]

Insight 219: FaithSoaring Churches Understand Their Point of Unity

Congregations seeking to transform recognize that unity is not achieved by everyone sitting in the same worship center during the same hour participating in the same worship style. They also recognize that disunity can happen unintentionally when people sit in different places to worship at a different hour participating in a different worship style. However, […]

Insight 218: FaithSoaring Churches Connect with People Rather Than Attract People

Congregations seeking to transform connect with people in the community context because their concern is engaging people in a Christ-centered, faith-based journey. Congregations seeking to grow their attendance to make the church successful keep trying to attract people to attend the church. Connecting is primarily concerned about people. Attracting is primarily concerned about the congregation. […]

Insight 217: FaithSoaring Churches Follow Visionary, Permission-Giving Leaders

Congregations seeking to transform often benefit from the presence of visionary, permission-giving leaders. These are leaders who have a balanced vision for inviting people to connect with a Christian-centered, faith-based personal journey, discipling these people, and engaging them missionally. One key is that these leaders recognize that without this balance congregations may only partially transform. […]