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Insight 199: FaithSoaring Churches Are Aware of the Value of the Congregation to Its Context

Many congregations believe they no longer add value to their community context. Often this is not the case. Some congregations represent a stable and healthy model of life for their community. Some congregations have great political value in their community. Some congregations are the social and moral moorings of their community. Congregations seeking to transform […]

Insight 198: FaithSoaring Churches Look Within the Community Context for the Presence of God

Transforming congregations seek the presence of the Triune God within their community context. While Jesus was regularly in the Temple or synagogues, he was more often in the community context encountering people. The Triune God is in the community context of every congregation. The presence of the unconditional love of God is everywhere. Congregations seeking […]

Insight 197: FaithSoaring Churches Look Within the Church for the Presence of God

Transforming congregations seek the presence of the Triune God within their congregation–even within the walls of their church facilities. In many church facilities, staff persons, volunteers, and even security persons are walking the halls of the church. Their presence is very visible. People are looking for them. In the halls and within the fellowship of […]

Bill Wright Sees Networking as Essential to 21st Century Kingdom Ministry

Download this story:  Bill Wright, 07.03.18 Bill Wright’s South Carolina Baptist roots go deep, serving in local churches and on staff at the Columbia Metro Baptist Association collectively for 30 years – all 30 years of his pastoral ministry have been among South Carolina Baptists. He can even credit meeting Stephanie, his wife of 30 years […]

Has the Multi-Site Movement Been Good for US Churches?

George Bullard’s Perspective on the Dave Travis National Church Intelligence Poll #1 — July 16, 2018 Dave Travis–pictured here–who has been connected at the hip since the 1990s with Leadership Network, is transitioning away from serving as their CEO. While he will maintain a relationship with LN, his core relationship will be with Generis at where […]

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