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Insight 178: FaithSoaring Churches Are Intentional and Not Drifting

Congregations seeking to transform are moving forward with intentionality in the direction of God’s leadership for them as a congregation. Congregations wishing they could transform are drifting without a clear sense of intentionality. They are reactive to circumstances, often defending what is happening, and wishing that things were like they were in the past. It […]

Insight 177: FaithSoaring Churches Proactively Invite New People into Leadership

Congregations seeking to transform proactively invite new people into leadership. Congregations who want to maintain fail to invite new people into leadership or suggest it is too hard. One layperson indicated the following about his congregation: “I was away from church leadership for a decade. When I re-engaged I discovered that 80% of the leaders […]

Insight 176: FaithSoaring Churches Balance Leadership and Ownership in Decision-Making

Congregations seeking to transform have worked out appropriate ways to balance decisions made by leaders and ownership felt by members and others connected with congregations. Often heard in every situation of life is that what is needed is leaders who lead. Does that necessarily mean that leaders make all the decisions? No. It does mean […]

Insight 174: FaithSoaring Churches Proactively Include All Generations in Leadership

Congregations seeking to transform know that to the extent they have multiple generations within their congregation, they must proactively include all generations in congregational leadership. The tendency is for “like” to attract “like”. This means older, long-term leaders ask the people they know to join them in leadership. It is not just a matter of […]

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