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Gospel Saturation Insight 180

Insight 180: “Coaching Questions: Why is modeling Mobilization for the people we lead so important to the overall goal of Gospel Saturation? How will identifying a corporate COA (Circle of Accountability) change the way you plan and strategize with your leadership team?” (Gospel Saturation Accelerator, p. 21) Download the full Gospel Saturation Accelerator — Gospel […]

After 27 Years and a Church Relocation, Don Brock Has Guided Gateway Into a Vibrant, Accepting Church

Located in an economically, upscale community near a resort lake and with great public education, Gateway Baptist Church – or, simply Gateway – is a vibrant faith community near Ballentine with no real power structure and where half of the church is under the age of 18. Gateway began in 1975 when Columbia’s Eau Claire […]