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Resources CMBA Offers Congregations

Today we had the first session on the Resources CMBA Offers Congregations. Here is the link to watch the video: Here are the topics and the presenters for Part One plus how to get hold of them to ask questions or to request services. Topics: First – ReLaunching and ReOpening Strategies for Disruptive Innovation […]

ReLaunching Your Congregation — The What and How — Not the When

Videos and support material for how you ReLaunch your congregation as the COVID-19 Pandemic will allow. Resource: Interim CDC Guidelines for Communities of Faith: Resource: The Risks – Know Them – Avoid Them, by Erin Bromage (This article has spread like wildfire throughout the world. It is well worth you reading.) Resource: Here […]

COVID-19 Interview with Maria Owens of Richland School District Two, March 31, 2020

George Bullard and Cathy Locklear had the opportunity to talk with Maria Owens of Richland Country School District Two about the Backpack program for children on the weekends, the food pantries, and a way to simply make a text deductible financial contribution. Richland Two Backpack Program Website —