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Insight 292: FaithSoaring Churches Listen to the Still Small Voice of God

Congregations seeking to transform listen for the “still small voice” of God [1 Kings 19:12 KJV] to discern their next steps in the vision fulfillment for their fellowship. Congregations seeking a short-term fix that fits their agenda and preferred future do not hear God’s “still small voice.” It may take an earthquake, a strong wind, […]

Insight 291: FaithSoaring Churches Declare Mission and Cast Vision

Congregations seeking to transform have a pastor and staff willing to declare mission and cast vision. Mission is the eternal, never-changing, generic, and spiritual understanding of the long-term focus of the congregation in the spirit of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. Vision is the empowering, ten-years-or-less, specific, and spiritual understanding of the mid-term […]

Insight 286: FaithSoaring Churches Leave Guests and Members with the Impression They Matter

Congregations seeking to transform make sure that guests and members have the impression that their life aims and struggles matter within this congregational fellowship. This is as opposed to leaving the impression that the church matters most, and everyone ought to be loyal to the church. When a pastor stands up and says, “We are […]

Insight 285: FaithSoaring Churches Have a Quality Praise Band

Congregations seeking to transform, utilizing a contemporary worship service as one strategy, have a quality praise band. They do not fall into the trap of having the traditional praise band with the stereotypical instruments–keyboard, drums, and three guitars. Those congregations who do are typically trying to emulate a pattern they have observed in congregations begun […]

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