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Gospel Saturation Insight 041

Insight 041: “Thankfully there are many church leaders beginning to talk about movement as the starting point for our understanding of the work of the local church. For true movement to happen, the number of disciples must grow faster than the population at large.” (Gospel Saturation Primer, p.32) Download the full Gospel Saturation Primer — Gospel […]

Church Adoption Within Our Family of Congregations

As your associational director of missions, I frequently use the metaphor of family to describe the best possible relationship we have within our fellowship of churches. At the top of our website at is the tagline “A Family of Baptist Congregations in the Midlands of South Carolina.” Within biological families are parents and children […]

Gospel Saturation Insight 035

Insight 035: Four principles are used to create the OS of Gospel Saturation. “They are the core beliefs that shape every action and drive every priority.” Fourth is “Disciple: God accomplishes His mission in the world through the transformed lives of His people.” (Gospel Saturation Primer, p.22) Download the full Gospel Saturation Primer — Gospel Saturation […]

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