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Insight 094: FaithSoaring Churches Increase Their Digital Presence

Transforming congregations diversify their communication channels to create a strong digital presence. One or two methods of communication are no longer adequate. Print is not good enough. In fact, it has not been for two decades. They expand to multiple digital methods of communication. E-mail is acceptable and must be a basic, foundational form of […]

Insight 092: FaithSoaring Churches Do Continuous Improvement in a Few Areas

Not only should congregations seeking to transform focus on a few areas where they are seeking to excel, but they should also continuously improvement the quality of what they are doing in these areas. Why? Is not good enough good enough? No. Expectations of increasing quality are ongoing. Congregational participants–particularly newer and younger participants–are looking […]

Insight 090: FaithSoaring Churches Focus on People of Passion

Special categories of leaders tend to empower the transformation of congregations. They are people with positive spiritual passion about the future of the congregation towards which God is leading it. People who are continually spiritually maturing and believe God is up to something great through their congregation. People who think strategically rather than tactically, are […]

Insight 089: FaithSoaring Churches Are Comfortable with Evangelism

Every congregation needs to figure out what evangelism means in their theological framework, cultural setting, denominational/non-denominational ethos, and in the vision God has for their congregation. Congregations who have not figured this out have little motivation to reach out beyond themselves to others with the spiritual formation of others as a high priority. Too many […]

Insight 088: FaithSoaring Churches Engage in Disorientation, Unlearning, and Relearning

Few congregations successfully transform unless they experience disorientation, unlearning, and relearning. Left to their preferred desires they will make small, incremental transitions and changes that do not positively impact the direction, effectiveness, and significance of their spiritual and strategic journey. Disorientation takes people out of their comfort zone, their control zone, their cultural zone, and […]

Insight 085: FaithSoaring Churches Contribute Significantly to the Lives of Others

Congregations who transform do not just focus on doing good works. They do something that contributes significantly to the lives of others. They do not rejoice in contributing a certain amount of money to missional projects, or serving a certain number of people with food, clothes, and other commodities. Instead they rejoice in the people–by […]

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