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Insight 312: FaithSoaring Churches Inspire Laypersons to Missional Service

Congregations seeking to transform have an increasing number of people connected with their congregation who have figured out their spiritual gifts, life strengths, and personality preferences. They are using these newfound capacities to engage missionally with people locally, nationally, and globally. In these congregations individuals and groups of people are encouraged to express their missional […]

Insight 311: FaithSoaring Churches Place Their Denomination Below Their God-First Faithfulness

Congregations seeking to transform know it is appropriate to be faithful to their denominational heritage. They can be proud of being Baptist, Church of God, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Quaker, etc. But, there is a limit. If being faithful to their denomination ever gets in the way of placing God’s vision for their congregation first, […]

Insight 310: FaithSoaring Churches are Faithful to God First

Congregations seeking to transform are faithful to God first and others second. They do not compromise their faithfulness to God to create a successful congregation. They do not compromise their faithfulness to God by compromising their doctrinal convictions in order to reach people. Yet they do understand the difference between doctrinal convictions consistent with their […]

Insight 309: FaithSoaring Churches are Innovative Over Operational

Congregations seeking to transform focus on being innovative and not just operational. Way too many congregations function only in an operational dimension. This is often a time when they are functioning at subsistence level conducting the basic operations of a congregation–worship, fellowship, care, and a few programs. But, they appear to be “paying the rent” […]

Insight 308: FaithSoaring Churches Remember it is Christ’s Church

Congregations seeking to transform realize that the success and significance of our congregation is not dependent on their leadership, ideas, or talents. Their congregation is part of Christ’s church and rests on the shoulders of Christ. This same Christ has filled the congregation with people who have the spiritual gifts, skills, and preferences to empower […]

Insight 306: FaithSoaring Churches Realize All Size Congregations Need to Transform

Congregations seeking to transform do not necessarily have to be of a certain size. Actually, congregations needing to transform can be of any size. The smallest of congregations also have a clear mission from God that should embrace them. The largest of congregations can become complacent and fail to reach the potential their size demands […]

Insight 305: FaithSoaring Churches Motivate Action Around Health and Strength

Congregations seeking to transform realize that there is more motivation within the congregation for focusing on signs of health and strength than they initially believe there might be. However, they also realize they must cultivate this thinking, communicate this information, and motivate action around this. In other words, it takes positive, proactive leadership. Congregations who […]