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Four Ways to Welcome and Connect with Guests After a Big Event

Wise counsel from Greg Atkinson of who was our February 2018 Vision Tuesday speaker. You may also check out his ministry at Download the document: Welcoming Guests Back – Event Here are the key points. Open the document for the details: Begin with the end in mind. Get their information. Promote the next thing. […]

Insight 164: FaithSoaring Churches Do Not Allow Buildings to Become the Church’s Top Priority

When buildings become the top priority for congregations, their transformation is in doubt. It is highly unlikely that successful models of congregational transformation take place by a focus on facilities. Buildings typically become the top priority for congregations by default rather than intentional action. It happens like this. Congregations build new facilities. They like what […]

Insight 163: FaithSoaring Churches Encourage a Christ-Centered, Faith-Based Journey

Congregations seeking to transform are not afraid of the word evangelism. They know it is about Good News. They know it is about inviting people to engage in a spiritually transforming Christ-centered, faith-based journey. They know it is about engaging in a life full of the unconditional love of God through Jesus Christ. They know […]

Insight 162: FaithSoaring Churches Nurture Generous Disciples

Congregations seeking to transform may have financial challenges. However, except during short-term crisis, congregations seeking to transform do not pressure people to give money. Instead they have a long-term strategy to encourage people connected with their congregation to become generous disciples. All households connected with congregations are encouraged to develop an ongoing plan for expressing […]

Insight 160: FaithSoaring Churches Fall in Love with Jesus Again

Congregations seeking to transform fall in love with Jesus again. In the constant struggle between Christ and culture, in too many congregations culture often wins. In congregations seeking to transform, they often have a breakthrough when their love for Jesus is their prime characteristic. People begin mattering to them more than their buildings. Ministry is […]

Insight 159: FaithSoaring Churches Focus Less on Average Attendance

The average weekly attendance in congregations is increasingly less relevant. Average weekly attendance is a short-term assessment of program success. It says very little about the long-term vitality of congregations and the spiritual formation and missional engagement of people connected with congregations. Registering people in attendance at worship four weeks in a row in the […]

Insight 158: FaithSoaring Churches Transform Before They Run Out of Money

Unfortunately, a certain number of congregations are like people hooked on alcohol, drugs, food, etc. They are not open to transformation until they hit “bottom” –whatever that is for them. These congregations often spend all their reserve funds before they are open to transformation. They allow way too many people to leave the congregation or […]

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