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Insight 191: FaithSoaring Churches Recognize Theological Diversity

Congregations seeking to transform are aware of the theological diversity creeping into their congregation. Not everyone believes the same thing. Not everyone believes what their denominational core doctrine says. Not everyone knows what they believe. Many people are confused about what they believe, and what their congregation stands for. These congregations see this as an […]

Insight 190: FaithSoaring Churches Recognize Denominational Diversity

Congregations seeking to transform are aware of the increasing denominational background and diversity of the people connecting with their congregation. The older people are the most likely to primarily have been part of the denominational family of the congregation. The longer people have related to a congregation, the same is true. Newer members–especially those who […]

Insight 188: FaithSoaring Churches Focus on Diverse Socioeconomic Efforts

Congregations seeking to transform are aware of the socioeconomic differences in their congregation and their community. What they may not be aware of is that socioeconomic differences may be the most difficult barrier to overcome for the creation of true community within the congregation. Harder than race and ethnicity. Social networks–and this would include congregations–have […]

Insight 187: FaithSoaring Churches Focus on Inter-Tenure Efforts

Congregations seeking to transform give intentional focus to the interaction of people with various tenures within the life of the congregation. While age and generational difference can be observed by physical appearance, tenure cannot. Thus, it makes tenure a more difficult characteristic to address. One congregation that used an open process for people to volunteer […]

Insight 186: FaithSoaring Churches Focus on Intergenerational Efforts

Congregations seeking to transform give intentional focus to the interaction of various birth generations. They seek to keep the natural tendency toward age segregation from dividing their congregation. They have worship experiences, fellowship events, spiritual formation, and missional engagement that include people from various generations. Their intentionality in this area includes specific measurements of progress […]

Insight 185: FaithSoaring Churches Have Leaders Who Value What They Lead

Congregations seeking to transform have leaders who value what they lead. While this sounds obvious, it may not always be true. For example, do those who lead the financial area of the congregation value tithing and generosity, and are obvious examples of personal practice in this area? Or, do those who lead youth/student/teenagers program really […]

Insight 184: FaithSoaring Churches Encourage Spiritual Formation

Congregations seeking to transform are proactive in encouraging spiritual formation. In dialogue within congregations we often engage one another in dialogue about family, work, sports, health, and various life experiences. Not often do we engage one another in conversations about spiritual formation. The most important relationships are spiritual. Appropriate questions can revolve around how each […]

Insight 183: FaithSoaring Churches Take Preaching Seriously

Congregations seeking to transform and the preaching/teaching ministers who lead them, take the art and science of preaching/teaching very serious. Preaching is not just that portion of worship services when some nice words are said about a biblical text. Preaching is an experience where preacher/teacher, God’s written and living Word, and congregation encounter one another. […]

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