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Captured By Vision Insight 027 By George Bullard

Pastors not passionate about God’s empowering vision for their congregation are likely to become known as “former pastor.” If there is a mismatch between what the congregation expects in leadership from the pastor, and the pastor’s performance in that area, then “former pastor” may be his or her new title. This issue is substantially different […]

Captured By Vision Insight 022 By George Bullard

Vision plus Intentionality is the core formula for an Enduring Visionary Leadership Community to follow. Congregations seeking to transform only need three words to describe the essence of a transformation strategy. Vision. Plus. Intentionality. If the deep meaning of these three words captivates the imagination of at least 21 percent of the average number of […]

Boldly Go Where No Association Has Gone Before — Overview


Boldly Go Where No Association Has Gone Before!  For some leaders and churches there are big misunderstandings about the truly bold nature of Baptist associations. Even their character, nature, makeup, and unique features are misunderstood. Early this month I spoke to the Network of Baptist Associations annual gathering at First Baptist Church, Jonesboro, GA. This […]

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