CMBA Missional Leadership Community Votes to Lease Office Building

The Missional Leadership Community (Executive Board) of CMBA voted on September 18, 2018 to enter into a agreement with a commercial real estate agent to seek to lease its current office building for a period of five years. The staff of CMBA will relocate into smaller offices in a member church.

The net monthly savings is projected to be up to $3,000. A minimum of 60 percent of this savings will be directed into Our One Priority to help start and strengthen congregations as vital and vibrant missional communities. At the end of five years CMBA can reoccupy the building, continue to lease it, or sell it.

The current staff of CMBA is smaller than it once was, and a building of the current size is not needed. Few people simply drop by the CMBA office which is not located in a central geographical location to the association. Up until 1994 when the SC Baptist Convention was one block away, the location made sense. Now that SCBC is two miles away and further out from Columbia, that convenience is not the same.

Additionally, the CMBA staff is seeking to be more focused on field work with churches and leaders rather than being office-bound. Also, not having a free-standing office building more fits the emerging philosophy of the association that the churches are the association, rather than the association is an office building to which church leader go.

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