CMBA Missional Leadership Community Votes to Sell Missionary House

The Missional Leadership Community (Executive Board) of CMBA voted on September 18, 2018 to sell the association’s “Mission House.” This house provides housing for furloughing missionary families. This house is costing the association some funds to operate that it does not have available without detouring from Our One Priority of starting and strengthening churches to serve as vital and vibrant missional communities.

The preference would be to have the value of the house available to use in some manner such as (a) supplementing the furloughing costs for missionary families, (b ) providing services missionary families need during their furlough that might not otherwise be covered, or (c) to do something else to help international missions causes.

A missionary family currently occupies the house, but they are to be gone by the end of this calendar year. In January 2019 efforts will be made to sell the house and invest the funds in ways approved by the Missional Leadership Community (Executive Board).

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