Our One Priority

Our One Priority To start and strengthen congregations to serve as vital and vibrant missional communities.

Or in More Detail . . . To start and strength congregational expressions in a manner that empowers them to serve as vital and vibrant missional communities who reach and nurture the lost, unchurched, underchurched, and dechurched people who live or visit in our associational fellowship area, or who live wherever in God’s world our congregations are sent and received.

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A Great, Simple, Inexpensive Online Giving Choice
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Resources for Churches During the COVID-19 Crisis
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Our One Priority Briefing for Ministers from George Bullard — March 9th Edition
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Empowering Congregations is the Key Service to Churches
Key-Service-to-ChurchesDownload Our One Priority in CMBA is Starting and Strengthening Congregations to Serve as Vital and Vibrant Missional Communities. To[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 247
Insight 247: “Multiplication is God’s people continually reproducing disciples, leaders, and churches for the Gospel Saturation of a place. And[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 246
Insight 246: “Mobilization happens when God’s people own the lostness of a defined people in a defined place. Transformation is[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 245
Insight 245: “Collaboration - Ask God to tear down every wall of hostility that exists between pastors and churches in[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 244
Insight 244: “Multiplication - Pray for God to raise up disciples who will plant the gospel in your community. Pray[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 243
Insight 243: “Transformation - Ask God to do the mighty work of transforming hearts and lives through the power of[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 242
Insight 242: “Mobilization - Pray for the churches in your COA (Circle of Accountability) to be sending communities and not[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 241
Insight 241: “God loves His church. In fact, He loves the people you lead more than you do. He wants[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 240
Insight 240: “Our hope is that every church in every city would be awakened to the convictions of Gospel Saturation,[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 239
Insight 239: “If you’ve been a leader for any period of time, you may have been through various fads that[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 238
Insight 238: “Take the pulse of your church. Look for simple opportunities to implement change. Bring your people and leaders[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 237
Insight 237: Coaching Question -- “Personal Plan: What tangible steps have you taken in implementing your personal action plan for[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 236
Insight 236: Coaching Question -- “Wisdom: Are there any issues where you need counsel, wisdom or advice in your life[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 235
Insight 235: Coaching Question -- “Practice: Who do you need to seek reconciliation with? How are you doing that?” (Gospel[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 234
Insight 234: Coaching Question -- “Conviction: Why do you think most church and Kingdom leaders don’t believe that collaboration is[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 233
Insight 233: Coaching Question – “Soul: How can you grow in trust with the other Kingdom leaders in your community?[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 232
Insight 232: “When we model reconciliation to the world, it’s one of the strongest apologetics to an unbelieving world. Collaboration[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 231
Insight 231: “If we are not intentional about being agents of reconciliation (2 Cor 5:18-19), then division will be a[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 230
Insight 230: “It’s not only our theological and convictional differences that can keep us from collaborating. Many times personal issues[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 229
Insight 229: “How much or how little should we collaborate? With whom should we collaborate? These are the questions that[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 228
Insight 228: “We long for God to move, particularly to create a passion in our church for multiplication. But, at[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 227
Insight 227: “The only power great enough to sustain lasting collaboration is found in a shared commitment to Gospel Saturation.[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 226
Insight 226: “Whenever a conversation about collaboration takes place within a COA (Circle of Accountability), the first priority of the[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 225
Insight 225: “Since many leaders affirm the idea of collaboration, and most understand that they are incapable of reaching their[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 224
Insight 224: “Wouldn't it be great if like-minded churches could come together to accomplish more than they might otherwise be[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 223
Insight 223: “Congregational leaders should ponder and dialogue about this question. Personal Plan: What tangible steps have you taken in[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 222
Insight 222: “Congregational leaders should ponder and dialogue about this question. Practice: How are you introducing the conviction of multiplication[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 221
Insight 221: “Congregational leaders should ponder and dialogue about this question. Conviction: How do you think your commitment to give[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 220
Insight 220: Congregational leaders should ponder and dialogue about this question. “Soul: What will it take in order for you[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 219
Insight 219: “We need churches planted from people within the harvest. We need the kind of churches that impact lostness.[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 218
Insight 218: “Even though church planting has been on the rise for the last 15 years, the results of evangelization[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 217
Insight 217: When considering your involvement in a church planting initiative, “Be willing to answer these questions, which we will[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 216
Insight 216: “We need to spend a season seeking the Holy Spirit as we pray over these opportunities. As a[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 215
Insight 215: As you consider possible opportunities for collaboration on a church planting initiative within your community, consider a “Potential[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 214
Insight 214: As you consider possible opportunities for collaboration on a church planting initiative within your community, consider a “Church[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 213
Insight 213: As you consider possible opportunities for collaboration on a church planting initiative within your community, consider a “Current[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 212
Insight 212: As you consider possible opportunities for collaboration on a church planting initiative within your community, consider a “People[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 211
Insight 211: As you consider possible opportunities for collaboration on a church planting initiative within your community, consider a “Population[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 210
Insight 210: “Too many times, we are trained to see the number of churches in our city and not the[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 209
Insight 209: As you consider possible opportunities for collaboration on a church planting initiative within your community, consider a “Potential[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 208
Insight 208: As you consider possible opportunities for collaboration on a church planting initiative within your community, consider a “Church[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 207
Insight 207: As you consider possible opportunities for collaboration on a church planting initiative within your community, consider a “Current[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 206
Insight 206: As you consider possible opportunities for collaboration on a church planting initiative within your community, consider a “People[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 205
Insight 205: As you consider possible opportunities for collaboration on a church planting initiative within your community, consider a “Population[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 204
Insight 204: “Too many times, we are trained to see the number of churches in our city and not the[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 203
Insight 203: “Why is it easier to create dependency on first generation leadership for our church programs than to create[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 202
Insight 202: “In order to see a true movement of multiplication, (a ministry leader) would need to create a discipleship[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 201
Insight 201: “As kingdom leaders, we want to help create a culture of decentralized ownership, which occurs when individual disciples[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 196
Insight 196: “Multiplication is God’s people continually reproducing disciples, leaders, and churches for the Gospel Saturation of a place.” (Gospel[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 195
Insight 195: “If we want to bring the light of the gospel to every man, woman, and child, we need[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 194
Insight 194: Gospel Saturation must have a “Common Opportunities: A shared understanding of the shaping effect of sin in your[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 193
Insight 193: Gospel Saturation must have a “Common Behaviors: A shared list of outcomes disciples are expected to produce;” (Gospel[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 192
 Insight 192: Gospel Saturation must have a “Common Beliefs: A shared understanding of the key gospel truths necessary for transformation;”[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 191
Insight 191: Gospel Saturation must have a “Common Language: A shared definition of the key terms necessary for disciple-making to[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 190
Insight 190: Gospel Saturation must have a “Common Table: A shared point of contact where leaders of churches are working[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 189
Insight 189: “In order to get after discipling a city, a group intent on Gospel Saturation must be praying for[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 188
Insight 188: “Culture always trumps strategy. Culture is whatever is normal for the majority. By this we mean that a[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 187
Insight 187: “Transformation happens when God’s people are conformed into the image of Christ—resulting in the gospel renewal of lives,[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 186
Insight 186: “Unfortunately, we will never get after the greater mission of Gospel Saturation if we lose sight of the[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 185
Insight 185: “We may be prone to shift our expectations by lowering the standard of transformed lives and settling for[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 184
Insight 184: “Many times . . . we invest much effort and see little fruit. Often it seems that the[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 183
Insight 183: “We all want to see lives changed and transformed by the power of the gospel. It’s one of[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 182
Insight 182: “We must know the needs and opportunities presented in our shared COA if we are going to mobilize[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 181
Insight 181: “Mobilization happens when God’s people own the lostness of a defined people in a defined place. In our[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 180
Insight 180: “Coaching Questions: Why is modeling Mobilization for the people we lead so important to the overall goal of[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 179
Insight 179: “The second COA (Circle of Accountability) is represented by your local church membership. You want this circle to[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 178
Insight 178: “Write down the names of three people, who are close to you yet far from God, whom you’ve[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 177
Insight 177: “Gospel Saturation intentionality must be modeled personally before you  can lead God’s people to own the lostness of[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 176
Insight 176: “This geographical intentionality is not only descriptive of the first  church, but a model for how the church[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 175
Insight 175: “The first step in the process of mobilizing all of God’s people in all of the churches throughout[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 174
Insight 174: “At the end of the day, a movement is something only God can do. Kingdom movement depends on[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 173
Insight 173: Three foundational convictions that drive gospel saturation are, Conviction 1: When God moves in the world, He moves[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 172
Insight 172: “As we talk about taking ownership and responsibility for lostness, we understand that we cannot change anyone’s heart[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 171
Insight 171: “Mobilization occurs when God’s people own the lostness of a defined people in a defined place. Notice the[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 170
Insight 170: “This answer (that the primary access point for the gospel is the Sunday morning worship service in a[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 169
Insight 169: “What is the primary access point most people in your city have to the gospel? If the people[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 168
Insight 168: “Mobilization, transformation, collaboration, and multiplication are concepts that spark all kinds of “but what about” questions in our[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 167
Insight 167: “How? How do we mobilize all of God’s people to live on mission where they live, learn, work,[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 166
Insight 166: “The nature and scope of God’s redemptive mission and the complexity of the modern missional context defies any[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 165
Insight 165: “Four priorities define the movement of Gospel Saturation: mobilization, transformation, collaboration, and multiplication. These four priorities are active[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 164
Insight 164: “Our sermons are filled with words like gospel, glory, discipleship, and mission. But why? If our ‘why’ is[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 163
Insight 163: Movement: “We’re trained to move. Maybe that’s why stagnation in the church drives most of us crazy. We’re[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 162
Insight 162: “God is on relentless mission to save sinners and fix the world. His Church, following in the pattern[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 161
Insight 161: The first 160 insights shared with you were from the Gospel Saturation Primer from the movement called Christ[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 160
Insight 160: “We acknowledge that the fruit we seek and the partnership we desire can’t take place unless we all[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 159
Insight 159: “A church might rethink its priorities and determine that sending teams to start new churches in strategic pockets[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 158
Insight 158: “Gospel Saturation Prioritizes Multiplication Over Addition.” “Gospel Saturation forces us—it compels us—to dream big dreams. We’re not content[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 157
Insight 157: “A number of beautiful things happen when Kingdom leaders begin to collaborate. First, the spirit of competition that[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 156
Insight 156: “Gospel Saturation Prioritizes Collaboration over Competition.” “Therefore, they prioritize time investing in other churches, building relationships with other[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 155
Insight 155: “Gospel Saturation Prioritizes Transformation Over Attendance.” “Prioritizing transformation creates an agile church culture that is able to move,[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 154
Insight 154: “We are quickly to abandon programs or models that are not producing genuine transformation into the people who[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 153
Insight 153: “Long before someone trusts in Jesus, we begin to disciple them to understand the gospel and its implications.[...]
Expectation One of Churches Who are Members or Connected with CMBA
The Visionary Leadership Community (formerly Administrative Team) of CMBA has been working on a set of expectations for member churches[...]
Expectation Two of Churches Who are Members or Connected with CMBA
Expectation Two: Every church is expected to be on mission to fulfill the Great Commission in the spirit of the[...]
Expectation Three of Churches Who are Members or Connected with CMBA
Since CMBA is a member-based family of churches, it is dependent on the financial support of family members. Every church[...]
Expectation Four of Churches Who are Members or Connected with CMBA
Historically – before there were entities such as state conventions and a national Baptist denomination –there were documents know as[...]
Expectation Five of Churches Who are Members or Connected with CMBA
Every member church is eligible for their pastor (or a designated person) plus at least one other person, to be[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 152
Insight 152: “Rather than focusing all the effort and attention on the gathered church, our new OS demands a focus[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 151
Insight 151: “The church can, and should, gather on a regular basis for a wide assortment of reasons: teaching, singing,[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 150
Insight 150: “How do we make it possible for everyone on the planet to come in contact with a missionary[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 149
Insight 149: “If we truly believe that God wants every man, woman, and child to have a repeated opportunity to[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 148
Insight 148: “Faithful work in the harvest should result in the production of robust, mature disciples. Gone are the days[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 147
Insight 147: “God’s Kingdom compels us into the harvest—the third priority of an OS (operating system) driven by Gospel Saturation.[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 146
Insight 146: “Movement leads to an understanding of God’s Kingdom. The work of God is not centered on any one[...]
First Impressions Team Training on August 24th
Register HERE First Impressions Team Training is often needed for the people providing guest services for your congregation. It is[...]
First Haitian Baptist Church Connects with CMBA
A celebration from the CMBA Visionary Leadership Community gathering on Tuesday, June 18th Recognized the First Haitian Baptist Church –[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 145
Insight 145: “We must grasp the nature of movement. God is at work around the world to do far more[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 144
Insight 144: Think about what it would be like to give your life, the entirety of your pastoral ministry, to[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 143
Insight 143: “If you were to share the gospel with someone and disciple that one person to maturity over the[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 142
Insight 142: “If you were an exceptional evangelist and saw 5,000 converts a year through your mass crusade ministry for[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 141
Insight 141: “We are discipling people in the faith from the beginning as they observe our lives and discern what[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 140
Insight 140: “Slow progress shouldn’t cause us to give up too quickly. God is sovereign and He can and will[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 139
Insight 139: “If business (the disciplemaking business) isn’t good or if you’re not really sure how it’s going, the place[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 138
Insight 138: “At this juncture, it’s important to do a bit of honest assessment. If you were asked to assess[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 137
Insight 137: “If we’re not making disciples then, more than likely the problem lies in our system. We’re getting what[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 136
Insight 136: “Dallas Willard asked it this way: What is your plan for making  disciples? Does your plan work? It’s[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 135
Insight 135: “The Scriptures give us the mandate to assess the nature of discipleship in our lives and in the[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 134
Insight 134: “You may have noticed that if you preach a sermon on the Great Commission you likely get a[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 133
Insight 133: “The church must embrace a decentralized approach that does not rise and fall on any key leader or[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 132
Insight 132: “In a real way it is the church, and not simply the pastors, who are the ministers of[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 131
Insight 131: “Your mission consists of making disciples who fulfill their mission to make disciples. Paul makes this point clearly[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 130
Insight 130: “You can rest assured that your church takes notice. They want to see if their leaders actually live[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 129
Insight 129: “Your mission is to make disciples. You simply cannot call other people to a task that you don’t[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 128
Insight 128: “You are a disciple—This is where true leadership begins. Anyone can lead a staff meeting, develop a mission[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 127
Insight 127: “The church’s mission is to make disciples. As a leader of the church you are a disciple of[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 126
Insight 126: “If we are not seeing evangelism in our people, then we have a discipleship problem. It’s less likely[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 125
Insight 125: “In 2013, Statistician Dr. Ryan Kozey surveyed 30,000 evangelicals over a 4-year period, asking the question: Have you[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 124
Insight 124: “These distinctive marks (being and doing) of a disciple’s life will be inherently counter-cultural. This process is vital[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 123
Insight 123: “As a result, (of Disciples being and doing different things) others will SEE a compelling picture of the[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 122
Insight 122: “Disciples will then DO different things. They will exemplify different actions in every aspect of their lives, including[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 121
Insight 121: “Disciples will BE different. . . A mind shaped by the gospel will increasingly and naturally produce lasting[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 120
Insight 120: “We can define transformation this way: God’s people transformed into the image of Christ, resulting in the gospel[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 119
Insight 119: “If God’s people, who profess to be saved by His grace, are captivated by His love, and live[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 118
Insight 118: “God’s people were given a mission to proclaim the excellences of God. How? They were to live as[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 117
Insight 117: “Having a clear target for disciple-making is vital for a local church. It helps create shared language and[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 116
Insight 116: “A disciple is defined as one who does the things Jesus did with the motivation with which He[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 115
Insight 115: “Those who are saved by grace are then “taught to obey all things Jesus has commanded”. Obedience to[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 114
Insight 114: “A disciple is baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Spirit. Though there is much to[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 113
Insight 113: “The mission is unmistakable—make disciples of all people. Jesus’ command is a refrain of God’s design from creation,[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 112
Insight 112: “Everything hinges on the way we define, build, and send disciples. Disciple-making is the irreducible minimum for Gospel[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 111
Insight 111: “Throughout this Primer we’ve argued that the mission of God’s people through His Church is to saturate the[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 110
Insight 110: Regarding the trap of short-term mission trips: “Gospel Saturation results in outsiders recognizing that the best they have[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 109
Insight 109: Regarding the trap of short-term mission trips: “Without intentionality, these trips can amount to running the church growth[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 108
Insight 108: “Churches looking to telescope their missionary efforts, can work to come alongside believers to help them understand God’s[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 107
Insight 107: “The first and most strategic way to telescope the efforts of the local church comes through training and[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 106
Insight 106: “The oft-asked question in response to this intense focus on one’s immediate geography is, “What about the ends[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 105
Insight 105: “Should we focus on church planting or church revitalization? A Gospel Saturation OS (Operating System) says both! We[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 104
Insight 104: “If the mission is every man, woman, and child then the need changes drastically.” “We would reject the[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 103
Insight 103: “We need all churches in our circles to be healthy to accomplish the objective of reaching every man,[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 102
Insight 102: “Given enough time, every church will see a need for revitalization. In fact, seen in this light every[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 101
Insight 101: “The rise of church planting fervor has often passively communicated that those who give of themselves to bring[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 100
Insight 100: “Not every church can be involved in church planting in the same way, but every church, regardless of[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 099
Insight 99: “We’d also seek to plant new churches in the circle who can join with us in reaching people.[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 098
Insight 98: “If Gospel Saturation remains the goal, then another conclusion naturally follows: It will take all kinds of churches[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 097
Insight 97: “Ironically, those who grasp the nature of Gospel Saturation would argue that the purpose of church planting isn’t[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 096
Insight 96: “An OS (Operating System) driven by Gospel Saturation focused on seeing a movement of God and manifesting His[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 095
Insight 95: “The normative “why” (plant churches) answers are derived from the OS (Operating System) of church growth. We plant[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 094
Insight 94: “This church planting resurgence has prompted a litany of material designed to foster healthy church plants. The methodologies[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 093
Insight 93: “Certainly it is true that our day has seen a resurgence of church planting fervor. For a host[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 092
Insight 92: “We’ve all heard the objections: ‘But, we already have enough churches.’ “Don’t you know how many churches are[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 091
Insight 91: “Combined, the COA (Circle of Accountability) and COI (Circle of Influence), provide a manageable scope for the mission[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 090
Insight 90: “Our Sovereign God places each member of the church in the midst of a people in a specific[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 089
Insight 89: “Every believer living as a missionary is given a distinct COI (Circle of Influence) made up of places[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 088
Insight 88: In our COA (Circle of Accountability) “the corporate domain represents the shared space of those who make up[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 087
Insight 87: “We develop a clear and compelling strategy to reach our defined COA (Circle of Accountability). This strategy should[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 086
Insight 86: “We should understand the defined geography as our God-given harvest field and do our part to see to[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 085
Insight 85: “The COA (Circle of Accountability) outlines the specific community the church is called to reach.” “We must resist[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 084
Insight 84: “Geographic intentionality is not only descriptive of the first church, but a model for how the church takes[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 083
Insight 83: “A Harvest Plan. Vision and responsibility necessitate . . . a clear plan for engaging the harvest.” “The[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 082
Insight 82: “Every Believer = A Missionary. God works in the world through scattered disciples and churches who give gospel[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 081
Insight 81: “The work of the harvest isn’t merely for a select few, it is the work of all of[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 080
Insight 80: “God’s people must take responsibility for their role in the harvest. Each person who has trusted Jesus in[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 079
Insight 79: “Each follower of Jesus begins by putting a name to the mission. Bill (the husband), Isabel (the single-mom),[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 078
Insight 78: “The mission cannot merely be a theoretical or abstract reality; it must be personal. . . . The[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 077
Insight 77: “God’s people must be gripped with an overwhelming vision of the scope of the harvest. Do we see[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 076
Insight 76: “Jesus sees the harvest. Jesus sees the broken and hurting as aimless sheep living without a shepherd—destined for[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 075
Insight 75: “God’s people must have a vision for the harvest. The beginning stages of Jesus’ public ministry, recounted in[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 074
Insight 74: “We must figure out ways to make the mission personal and specific to our lives and the context[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 073
Insight 73: “As part of God’s family, we share the mission together to ensure that every man, woman, and child[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 072
Insight 72: “We pray that we would see God’s people partnering with all expressions of the Church for the Gospel[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 071
Insight 71: “Unfortunately, the way we scatter the seeds of the gospel today is within a large building during a[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 070
Insight 70: “To propel the church outward, the church’s leaders focus on releasing assets, building disciples, and collaborating with other[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 069
Insight 69: “God invites all of His people to join Him in whatever He is doing in the world. Just[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 068
Insight 68: “We have a gracious invitation to be on the team of the Victor, who has already done all[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 067
Insight 67: “God’s Church faces overwhelming odds, but we serve a God who loves to work against all odds. If[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 066
Insight 66: “No one church, regardless of how large, has the bandwidth to reach an entire city.” “all of the[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 065
Insight 65: “You should celebrate when the church down the street succeeds, even if the other church’s success results in[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 064
Insight 64: “What is the mission of the church? The answer is found by working in reverse order. Your church[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 063
Insight 63: “No single church, regardless of how large, represents the sole outpost of God’s Church in a city. It’s[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 062
Insight 62: “Even within your city, there are likely hundreds of local churches, each containing a subset of the overall[...]
Gaining Traction for a Radical Congregational Transformation, Part Three
Register to the Vision Day Lunch and Panel on March 19th to hear more about this subject from a panel[...]
Gaining Traction for a Radical Congregational Transformation, Part Two
Register to the Vision Day Lunch and Panel on March 19th to hear more about this subject from a panel[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 061
Insight 61: “The Kingdom declared (gospel) and the Kingdom modeled (good works) go hand in hand. What differentiates this notion[...]
Gaining Traction for a Radical Congregational Transformation, Part One
Register to the Vision Day Lunch and Panel on March 19th to hear more about this subject from a panel[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 060
Insight 60: “The Kingdom of God serves as the transforming force in our cities. It redeems and restores all it[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 059
Insight 59: “God’s Kingdom includes all aspects of our world that conform to God’s glory and character.” “We might think[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 058
Insight 58: “The Kingdom is the second fundamental principle that is required to shift from an OS of church growth[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 057
Insight 57: “We can’t manufacture a movement, but we can prepare for one. We can give our lives to a[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 056
Insight 56: “At the end of the day, a movement is something only God can do. Kingdom movement depends on[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 055
Insight 55: “If a movement is going to happen it will not happen through adding a few more members to[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 054
Insight 54: “God wants a movement of multiplication. There is no doubt that God has hardwired multiplication into everything that[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 053
Insight 53: “If every man, woman and child having access to the gospel is the desired outcome, then we understand[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 052
Insight 52: “Movement thinking believes that transformation happens best when individuals primarily hear from God through His Word and His[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 051
Insight 51: “Far from diminishing the value of the corporate gathering of the church, movement thinking actually enhances the intentionality[...]
Church Generosity Within Our Family of Congregations
Church Generosity Within Our Family of CongregationsDownload In a family of congregations in the Midlands of South Carolina known as[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 050
Insight 50: “Movement thinking forces leaders to ask how they can empower all their people to live with gospel intentionality[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 049
Insight 49: “God desires missionary disciples and these missionary disciples are the only way a gospel movement will ever happen.[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 048
Insight 48: “What would it look like? We must be careful with our qualifiers to this second question. This doesn’t[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 047
Insight 047: “My story, my salvation, my personal growth, my suffering is all rooted in the glory of God and[...]
Multiplying Congregations Monthly Breakfast Gatherings
The Columbia Metro Baptist Association is pulling together a monthly gathering (perhaps a Saturday breakfast) to dialogue about multiplying congregations[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 046
Insight 046: What does God want? “God wants Gospel Saturation. He longs for every man, woman, and child to have[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 045
Insight 045: For true and deep Gospel Saturation to take place “pastors, church leaders, and every missionary disciple must relentlessly[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 044
Insight 044: “If we are going to see the tide of secularism, racism, and every other -ism that is set[...]
Alice Drive Baptist Church in Sumter Connects with CMBA
Alice Drive Baptist Church (ADBC) has connected with CMBA under the newly updated category of Church Network Connections. ADBC's primary[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 043
Insight 043: “One thing is certain, if we are going to make headway in addressing the burgeoning mission field of[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 042
Insight 042: “What would it take to reach a tipping pint that would lead to a gospel movement in our[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 041
Insight 041: “Thankfully there are many church leaders beginning to talk about movement as the starting point for our understanding[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 040
Insight 040: “The hallmark of any movement of God is not the select few experts doing great deeds, but the[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 039
Insight 039: “Often the majority of the church’s growth doesn’t come from new converts, but from those who have been[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 038
Insight 038: “Gospel Saturation measures progress not in terms of the growth of any singular church, but in terms of[...]
Church Adoption Within Our Family of Congregations
As your associational director of missions, I frequently use the metaphor of family to describe the best possible relationship we[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 037
Insight 037: “Leaders running the OS (operating system) of church growth measure progress altogether differently than those drive by Gospel[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 036
Insight 036: “Vision shapes your understanding of your current reality and your hope for what is to come. The same[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 035
Insight 035: Four principles are used to create the OS of Gospel Saturation. “They are the core beliefs that shape[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 034
Insight 034: Four principles are used to create the OS of Gospel Saturation. “They are the core beliefs that shape[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 033
Insight 033: Four principles are used to create the OS of Gospel Saturation. “They are the core beliefs that shape[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 032
Insight 032: Four principles are used to create the OS of Gospel Saturation. “They are the core beliefs that shape[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 031
Insight 031: “We long for churches to embrace Gospel Saturation as their driving OS for everything the church does. We[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 030
Insight 030: “We would define success by whether or not every man, woman, and child has repeated opportunities to see,[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 029
Insight 029: “From Addition to Multiplication – These practical changes culminate with a radically new definition of success. We would[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 028
Insight 028: “Christians and churches with this Gospel Saturation OS would work to collaborate with others to saturate a defined[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 027
Insight 027: “There isn’t a city where any singular church can accomplish the mission of filling their community with image-bearing[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 026
Insight 026: “From Competition to Collaboration – Transformed people living on mission for the sake of Gospel Saturation will soon[...]
Boldly Go Where No Association Has Gone Before — Overview
Boldly Go Where No Association Has Gone Before!  For some leaders and churches there are big misunderstandings about the truly[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 025
Insight 025: “Transformation cannot be programmed by any leader, no matter how gifted. It occurs when God’s people are captivated[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 024
Insight 024: “From Attendance to Transformation – The second priority shift between a church growth and a Gospel Saturation OS[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 023
Insight 023: “Our new operating system would necessitate God’s people own the lostness where they live, learn, work, and play,[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 022
Insight 022: “Since God’s Spirit indwells all His people, we know that every disciple of Jesus becomes the access point[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 021
Insight 021: “From Collection to Mobilization – A church growth OS aims at collection while a Gospel Saturation OS seeks[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 020
Insight 020: “A church can’t have a church growth OS (operating system) and effectively run Gospel Saturation Apps. The predetermined[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 019
Insight 019: “If our vision is to grow a large church, it will be quite small compared to filling the[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 018
Insight 018: “’How’ questions lead to answers based on apps. ‘Why’ questions lead to answers based on operating systems. Gospel[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 017
Insight 017: “We can define Gospel Saturation this way: The church owning the lostness of an identified people in a[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 016
Insight 016: “Our sermons are filled with words like ‘gospel’, ‘glory’, ‘discipleship’, and ‘mission’. But why? If our ‘why’ is[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 015
Insight 015: “Paul makes it clear that this mission isn’t simply the task of a faithful few. All those who[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 014
Insight 014: “The reason we must begin with the ‘why’ question is because the answer to this question fuels our[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 013
Insight 013: “Why are your planting that church? Who do you want your church to grow? Why are you going[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 012
“We wrestle with our inherited OS that we learned through our upbringing, our seminaries, our books, our traditions, and our[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 011
“Churches driven by this OS (church growth) would define success by how many members they have, how many people show[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 010
"At the risk of oversimplification, let’s assume that ‘church growth’ is the normative OS that is running these Apps in[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 009
"They [the Apps] can help the church accomplish all sorts of laudable goals, but they fail to achieve their maximum[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 008
[Continued from Insight 007] “In time, we often find that the App either doesn’t deliver the intended results or doesn’t[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 007
“Whether you are starting a new church plant, re-missioning an older church, or attempting to keep the trend of growth[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 006
“The rise of church planting fervor has prompted the start of more churches than we’ve seen in recent decades. Yet,[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 005
(Consider the difference between a computer Operating System and an App.) “Evangelical culture represents the biggest App store imaginable—we have more[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 004
Missional theologian Leslie Newbigin “warned the church that the impending cultural changes would lead to an increasingly marginalized church—one that[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 003
“The question hasn’t changed: What does God want in the world? Our answer likely hasn’t changed either: To fill the[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 002
“With all of our attention and investment into the craft of doing church, Christianity is fading across our country.” “It[...]
Gospel Saturation Insight 001
“God is not in a hurry. He is on mission and one of the key places that mission begins is[...]
Gospel Saturation and Multiplying Congregations in 2019
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Let’s Be Bold About Multiplying Congregations in the CMBA
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Church Planting is at the Heart of George Bullard’s Ministry
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Let’s Take a Look at our Congregational Multiplication Opportunities
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Mosaic® USA Consumer Lifestyle Segmentation
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Is Your Congregation Fishing in a Shallow Pond?
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As Your Church Prepares Its Budget for the Next Year . . .
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I Know a Place, a People Group, or a Congregation
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Serving Urban and Multi-Cultural Churches — Resources from LifeWay
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People of Passion vs. People of Position
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Plotting A New Course for Your Congregation Gatherings on Tuesday, May 15th
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Can You Help Prove Me Wrong? Let Me Know If You Want to Start a New Congregational Expression!
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Dying to Restart: Churches Choosing a Strategic Death for a Multiplying Life
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Multiplying Congregations Resource: 1,000 CHURCHES: How Past Movements Did It
Here is an important resource on Multiplying Congregations. Read it. Absorb it. Prayer about it. Act on it. http://newchurches.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/NewChurches.com-1000Churches-Ed-and-Daniel.pdf
Seven Strategies for a Baptist Association–An Overview
The following conversation could have taken place between any Baptist pastors, staff ministers, or laypersons anywhere in North America any[...]
Our One Priority
Respond to This Post:  https://goo.gl/forms/swnO5KBgF1fGQ6ut2  (For members of Columbia Metro Baptist Association churches only.)For your congregation to effectively move forward, how[...]