CMBA Pilots a New Process for Accepting Churches into the Association

Download the new church network and membership process CMBA Pilot Membership Process, 09.18.18.

The Missional Leadership Community (Executive Board) on September 18, 2018 approved the pilot of a new process for accepting  churches into the association. The CMBA constitution and bylaws talks about a “Member” and a “Friend.” The pilot process designates the categories as “Church Network Connections” and “Church Members.” The pilot process clearly defines who is a “member” and who is part of our “network.”

The pilot process modifies the process for connecting and becoming a member of CMBA by allowing churches to connect with CMBA anyone of eight times per year, and to become a member three times per year. The current process only allows a church to connect or become a member one time per year. This pilot will be a more dynamic and inviting process.

The pilot process will run for one year, or when three to four churches have used the proposed process to connect with CMBA, whichever is later. At that point the Visionary Leadership Community (Administrative Team) will evaluate the pilot and see if it ought to be recommended to the Missionary Leadership Community and the association in session October 2019 as a constitution amendment. It would then become the formal process by which churches connect and become members.

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