Hurricane Florence Response: If You Want to Help, What Do You Do?

1. If you want to donate money (which is always so much better than donating commodities like clothes unless someone has specifically requested them) go to, and click the “Donate” button. When you get to a page that says “Add special instructions to the seller” write in the words “Disaster Relief” and that will designate how your financial gift will be used.

2. SC Baptists Disaster Relief indicates that they only directly deploy people who have been through their training and are certified. If that is not you yet, then keep reading.

3. You can contact the emergency management office in your county to see if they need assistance. If you want to do this, send us an e-mail at and we will provide you with that information.

4. Shandon Baptist Church is working to open a shelter for up to 100 people in their facilities, and it should be open on Friday.

5. If your church is doing something in disaster relief, we would like to know so we can celebrate your missional engagement. Send us information about what you are doing to

6. Always pray for the safety of everyone impacted and everyone providing assistance during this disaster. Also, be safe yourself.

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