A Smaller Membership Church with a Big Missional Vision – Columbia Metro Connection #003


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     The Columbia Metro Connection is sponsored and supported by the Columbia Metro Baptist Association and the almost 100 partner churches that support the ministry of the CMBA.
     This podcast features Crooked Run Baptist Church’s Pastor, Tommy Hutto
(803.635.2022).  Crooked Run Baptist Church is a smaller membership church that is doing big things for the Kingdom.  During this podcast, Pastor Tommy shares the ins and outs of how God is using their church in significant ways.

Hosts for this week’s Podcast:


  • When we saw that knocking on doors wasn’t as effective, we asked God, “What do you want us to do next?”
  • It’s not about them coming to our church; it’s about getting them into a church.
  • We’re partnering with other churches to reach our community.
  • We want to connect people with churches based on relationships because relationships with other people keep them coming back to the church.
  • We have another culture that exists in our own context. Why wouldn’t we want to reach the culture in our backyard?
  • Ministry is not a one size fits all. We need to determine where this church is culturally and spiritually before we launch into what we think is best.
  • When you go on a mission trip, it will open your eyes to the needs in your current context.


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