Prayers For Pastors and Congregations–First Weekend of April 2019

A Prayer for Pastors: O Lord, I wonder how much Jesus was aware at this point that in less than two weeks he would die on a cross? His earthly ministry would end, and He would suffer and die for us. He only had a few more days to impress upon His disciples who He was and the significance of His mission. What did he need to say to them and demonstrate about unconditional love with them? Help me in the coming two weeks to speak words of truth and great insight that might inspire my congregation and those people whose lives we touch with the significance of Jesus the Christ. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen!

A Prayer for Congregations: O Lord, Easter is coming. At the same time my days are filled with thoughts about spring break, vacations, sports and other activities for children and grandchildren. Amid the busy-ness of life, help me to focus on You and the sacrifice Your Son, Jesus, made for me. Let me prioritize the next several Sundays to be sure to gathering with people of Christ to renew my faith relationship with You. Let me to bold to demonstrate by my life and through my words the significance of eternal life through You that others might believe. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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