Prayers For Pastors and Congregations–Second Weekend of March 2018

A Prayer for Pastors:  O Lord, I know it is a small thing, but please help my congregation to remember to set their clocks forward for daylight saving time and show up on time dressed to worship on Sunday. I know we must be all about You. And, this week I have been inspired to share a special message on Jesus as the Light of the world. On a day that symbolizes an increase in light in the evenings, I want to impress on them—NO—I want to be an instrument, a vehicle, a conduit for You to speak into their hearts about the only true Light of the world—Jesus the Christ. May it be so! In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen!

A Prayer for Congregations:  O Lord, Sunday is upon us. I am rushing through Saturday because I know I am going to lose an hour of my life tonight that I might not ever get back. I guess the day we spring forward tests our faithfulness to church attendance. The Spirit is, indeed, willing, but temptation to roll over and recover that hour of sleep makes me weak. Is it a coincidence that our church newsletter and Facebook Page said this week that our pastor is preaching on Jesus as the Light of the world? Perhaps that is a sign for me when I think about the additional evening light we will have for more than the next seven months. Perhaps worship at church is where I need to be on Sunday. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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