Respond by March 30th for Follow-Up to Greg Atkinson on Reaching/Keeping Church Guests

Respond by this Friday, March 30th using this link:

Greg Atkinson was our Vision Tuesday speaker on Tuesday, February 20th. As a follow-up we are offering his book–Secrets of a Secret Shopper–for $8 if we can get an order for 100 books.  (We are about half way there.) It is typically over $11 plus shipping. (Publisher has given us this deal.)

Also, we are taking requests in two areas. 1. Do you want to bring a team from your church to a half-day seminar offered by Greg. 2. Do you want to talk with Greg about personal work for your church?

Again, respond by this Friday and then we are going to make the book order and make a decision about whether or not to invite Greg back for a half-day seminar.

Respond using this link:

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