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Building a Team with SOUL

One of the most challenging and rewarding things in any organization is that of working on a team. I just finished Tony Dungy's book The SOUL of a Team: A Mondern-Day Fable for Winning Teamwork. I really like the fable style he and Nathan Whitaker took in teaching the lessons that Dungy incorporated into his Hall of Fame football coaching career and, more importantly, family life. 

These lessons are valuable for any type of team: family, business, and ministry. They are formulated around the acronym SOUL standing for selflessness, owning your position/job, unity, and larger purpose. 

This boils down to the culture of your organization and/or team. Carey Nieuwhof has two great articles he recently published on this topic:

Idea on how the Church Can Provide Potentially Lifesaving Technology to Our Neighbors

An article published this week by NBC News about the dangers of carbon monoxide in public housing caught my eye. While this is a nationwide issues, this article highlighted incidents in the Columbia area.

Even in public housing where gas is used for heating, the article asserts HUD does not require or provide carbon monoxide detectors. Could this be an outreach opportunity for churches to demonstrate care by providing these needed detectors and developing relationships with those who live in these neighborhoods? What are your thoughts? 

Here is a link to that article: 

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