Thursday, May 31, 2018 — Our One Priority Briefing from George Bullard

George BullardOur One Priority

Starting and Strengthening Churches to Serve as Vital and Vibrant Missional Communities. 

Building a Legacy Plan for Your Congregation – A June 19th Vision Tuesday

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When I was 28 years old my first child was born. I realized I needed a Legacy Plan for my life to benefit my family. Eventually I had a last will and testament written that would provide security for my heirs. Some years later my wife and I initiated a donor advised fund with a Baptist foundation that allows us to distribute earnings to various Baptist causes each year over and above our tithe. This fund will live on permanently making annual contributions to the Baptist entities we designated when we originally set it up.

Thirty years ago my father was dying of cancer. He asked my mother and I to take notes as he dictated to us the terms of a trust fund he wanted to establish with the Baptist Foundation of South Carolina for the benefit of the Baptist Convention of Pennsylvania-South Jersey for whom he had served as Executive-Director Treasurer until his retirement nine years earlier. Each year our Foundation sends a check to the Pennsylvania-South Jersey convention for the Cooperative Program.

My personal will, our family donor advised fund, and my parents’ trust fund have created a Legacy Plan for Baptists to fulfill the Great Commission in the spirit of the Great Commandment. Churches, as well as individuals, also need a legacy plan. What happens if for any reason your church no longer exists? What happens to the assets? Will the work of the Great Commission be carried on because of the tithes and offerings of church members over decades—even centuries? Without a Legacy Plan the assets provided by Baptist Christians for Great Commission missional engagement may be lost, or at least much smaller than it could have been.

The next Vision Tuesday on June 19th at Noon will focus on building a Legacy Plan for your congregation. One of the less glamorous aspects of ministry is projecting and managing the financial assets of a congregation. Even less glamorous for many ministers is asking people in your congregation to think deeply and broadly about their financial stewardship in relationship to the present and future journey of their congregation.

Down in a pit of darkness for many ministers is leading individuals in a congregation and the church itself to develop a Legacy Plan for what happens to their assets if they die—in the case of individuals, and if their cease to exist—in the case of churches. Yet, how we invest our assets in the ongoing work of the Kingdom of God is a crucial spiritual question that should not be avoided.

Would you like help in knowing some clear steps and a plan for developing a Legacy Plan for your congregation? Would you like assistance in developing a Legacy Plan within your congregation? Then that is exactly what the June 19th at Noon Vision Tuesday is all about.

Our guest speaker will be Nathan McCarthy of the Baptist Foundation of South Carolina and his staff. See them at They are prepared to help you and your congregation. The sponsor for our lunch will be The South Carolina Baptist Ministries of Aging at

Register for Vision Tuesday HERE. This—as with all Vision Tuesdays—is open to pastors, staff persons, and lay leaders. Registration is required as the lunches are catered, and we want to be sure we have plenty of food from Blue Marlin Restaurant for everyone to enjoy. Location is the SC Baptist Convention Building at 190 Stoneridge Drive in Columbia.

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