Vision Tuesday: Looking Ahead to April, May, and June

March 20th Vision Tuesday with Apartment Life is now set. Lunch has been ordered. It will take place Noon to 1:30 p.m. at the CMBA office. People from 18 churches will be present. Apartment Life will have the program on ministry in multi-family housing communities by inserting a couple into an apartment to help support the residents and provide Christian ministry among the residents. You can still register, but we cannot guarantee there will be enough food for lunch. You can simply get in the back of the line or bring a brown bag lunch with you. Register here: Apartment Life is sponsoring this Vision Tuesday.

April 17th Vision Tuesday–Church Safety and Security. A presentation by Southern Mutual Church Insurance based on their research as to what you need to do to have an excellent safety and security process for your church. This is a crucial issue for many churches. Some have developed a written plan and procedure. If you are one of the church with a plan, would you share it with others? Can you point us to a website that contains your plan, or send us a copy of e-mail? If so, let us know at Register here: The April 17th Vision Tuesday is sponsored by the Connie Maxwell Children’s Home in Greenwood, SC, a ministry of South Carolina Baptists.

May 15th Vision Tuesday–Kenny Mills on ruins REBUILT. Kenny is currently working with three CMBA congregations to help them engage in turnaround efforts. It is a radical strategy for congregations serious about revitalization. Come hear Kenny’s insights, stories, and strategies. Kenny is currently working with Rosewood, North Point, and Earlewood. Register here:

June 19th Vision Tuesday–Building a Financial Legacy for Your Church. The Baptist Foundation of South Carolina will present regarding two significant aspects for your church. First, is cultivating a financial legacy for your church by leading members to make gifts to your church through their last will and testament plus other avenues of deferred giving. Second, is to help your church establish a last will and testament. What is your plan for what happens to your assets if for any reason your church ceases to exist? Register here: The June 19th Vision Tuesday is sponsored by the SC Baptist Ministries of Aging.

July? Take a Vacation! Vision Tuesday will return in August.


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