Follow-Up to Vision Tuesday with Greg Atkinson on Reaching and Keeping Church Guests

The speaker for February was Greg Atkinson of He talked about reaching and keeping church guests. Everyone who attended received a copy of his book Secrets of a Secret Shopper: Reaching and Keeping Church Guests.

Follow-Up: Now we are looking at making a large purchase of Greg’s book. If we get an order for 100 books or more we can get them for $8.00 rather than more than $11.00. Shipping to our office will be free. Also, we are polling to see if there is interest in having Greg back for a half-day Saturday seminar so churches can bring their hospitality people to the training. Further, some churches may want to contract with Greg individually.

Let us know about this by completing the response sheet at 

Baptist Foundation of South Carolina at is sponsored Vision Tuesday this month.

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