CMBA Update: What Has Happened Since July 1, 2017?

Our new director, George Bullard, began serving our churches-in-association in July 2017. It is a legitimate question to ask what George has been up to and overall what isGeorge Bullardhappening in our association. Here is the report George shared with the Missional Leadership Community (Executive Board) on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 using the strategic categories of Vision, Relationships, Programs, and Management. If you have questions about this report, feel free to contact George at or 803.622.0923.


  1. Newly developed focus of Our One Priority: Starting and Strengthening Congregations to Serve as Vital and Vibrant Missional Communities.
  2. Repositioned the association as A Family of Baptist Congregations in the Midlands of South Carolina: Renamed the annual association meeting as the Annual Family Reunion.


  1. Visited with pastors and staff persons.
  2. Visiting with churches for worship or other significant meetings.
  3. Developed a new branding for CMBA: New logo. New letterhead and envelopes. New note cards. New calling/business cards. New PowerPoint template.
  4. Developed a new website at
  5. Work on a Social Media strategy using Facebook and Twitter to enhance communication and networking.
  6. Newly designed eNewsletter distributed twice per month.
  7. New twice monthly Our One Priority briefing sent to pastors.
  8. Launched The Columbia Metro Connection Podcast.
  9. Launched the writing of Our Family Stories.


  1. Continued the tradition of the Martin Luther King Jr Day Worship Service.
  2. Launched Vision Days Luncheons and Speakers.
  3. Developed a co-marketing agreement between CMBA’s Vision Days and Carolina Greenhouse of the Midlands.
  4. Secured financial sponsorships for seven Vision Days.
  5. Launched the Congregational Champions Retreats as part of the FaithSoaring Churches Leadership Community.
  6. Launched a plan to focus on the Enterprise Churches/Leading Edge Churches.
  7. Worked with multiple ordination councils.
  8. Worked with multiple churches on their pastor search process.
  9. Worked with multiple churches on supply preachers and interims.
  10. Developed a team of Intentional Interim Pastors.
  11. Planned a pilot Operation Inasmuch compassion ministry effort for September 22 and 29, 2018 under the leadership of Cathy Locklear.
  12. Changed the focus of the State Fair ministry to focus on the fair workers with meals and a chaplaincy ministry with them.
  13. Held a Black Church Conference in April under the leadership of Andre Rogers.
  14. Attended the Black Church Leadership Conference at Ridgecrest.
  15. Served on the Baptist Campus Ministry Advisory Council.
  16. Developed a partnership with the SC Baptist Convention to provide demographic and lifestyle segment reports for CMBA churches.
  17. Partnered with Lexington Baptist Association for a January/Winter Bible Study preview on November 1, 2018.
  18. Planned meeting of Hispanic pastors for October 2018.
  19. Developed the Ten “R”s for plotting a new course for aging congregations and worked with multiple congregations to seek to discern which course is right for them.
  20. Began working with a consultant on developing the process and procedures for helping churches to close and release their resources for new missional efforts.
  21. Began work on a strategy to plant up to 100 new congregations throughout the associational fellowship area over the next 20 years.
  22. Attended Exponential Church Planting conference in Orlando and reconnected with various church planting network.
  23. Pre-Missional Partnership visit to Maryland.
  24. Established Our One Priority Grants to support ministry in our churches from restricted funds.


  1. Managed the finances and sought ways to cut costs.
  2. Obtained 501(c)(3) status with the assistance of Harry Langley, our accountant.
  3. Obtained property tax exemption for the Mission House.
  4. RightSized Staff according to financial capacity: Eliminated position of Administrative Assistant. Slowly restoring support staff. Empowering Congregations Ministry Mobilizer—Chelsea Wester (10 hours per week). Leadership Communities Ministry Mobilizer—Kathleen Jones (10 hours per week).
  5. Reconceptualized the Executive Board at the Missional Leadership Community.
  6. Reconceptualized the Administrative Team as the Visionary Leadership Community and began developing five leadership communities related to it.
  7. Developed and Implemented a Financial Development Plan.
  8. Worked on transitioning the staff to Microsoft 365 using our 501(c)3 status to obtain a deep discount.
  9. Developed an Annual Church Profile campaign for 2018 to increase the response rate of churches.
  10. Worked with the SC Baptist Convention on three projects to secure @$15,000 in funding during 2018.
  11. Worked on lease of building.
  12. Worked on proposal to sell Mission House.
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